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Needle [b][url=]the website[/url][/b] junkies [b][url=]getoutofthemud[/url][/b] Whoever"Being honest"Is obviously to scared to put their real names because for 1 im positive i've never shot up in my life.Yeah i've messed up n went down the wrong road for a lil bit but i never lowered myself to stick a needle in my arm an i've changed an i've got my life back on track so don't put shit on here that you dont [b][url=]Tiffany Watches Shop[/url][/b] kno facts about an if you want to say this shit to my face or atleast put ur real name dont be a pussy and talk shit that isnt true about someone.Let me find out who you [b][url=]Cheap Tiffany Rings[/url][/b] are an we will settle this! Whoever"Being honest"Is obviously a pussy to put their real name.Yeah i've been an addict for a couple years and i know for a fact i've only stuck a needle in my arm once in my life.And just to let you kno even tho its none of your or anyone elses business ive been in a treatment prgram for 3 almost 4 months and i get a blood and urine tested every week and the only time i failed was my first visit and i go once a week.So keep mine an my fiance' chasity russell's name out of yours and everyone elses mouth, an when you talk about my fiance' the love of my life, your crossing the line wayyy to far.And to let you know i know for a fact chasity is terrified of needles and i also know for a fact she has never ever stooped to that level to put a needle in her arm.So to"Being honest"Get your facts straight and on that list of needle junkies that you wrote you were deffinatly wrong about me an my fiance' but the others i dont care if they are but its really none of yours nor mine nor anyone elses business.Put your real name like chasity and i did instead of being a scared pussy to put yours.
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