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Tiffany Bracelets storie with one story above

Inferno rages at [b][url=]click here to see more info[/url][/b] oroville dwr power plant Cal fire-Butte county firefighters stage outside the donald b.Robie power plant, friday november 23, 2012 in oroville, calif.At the ronald b.Robie power plant at 2950 grand avenue, west of thermalito. The structure is five [b][url=]Tiffany Bracelets[/url][/b] stories, with one story above ground and four others below. Four generating units are inside the building, according to a press release thursday. Communications operator tiffany o'neil said the fire started on the second floor, reportedly burning heavily in the control room. Although the sprinkler system did activate before firefighters arrived, the fire continued to [b][url=][/url][/b] burn. Firefighters made several attempts to fight the blaze inside the building, but due to the collapse of heavy equipment in the plant, zero visibility and other life-Threatening hazards, crews were repositioned outside. O'neil said the fire was not extinguished thursday, but will continue burning for several days. "The whole structure is expected to burn,"She added. Oroville fire department, chico fire department and volunteer fire companies assisted cal fire, with 10 engines, two water tenders and 38 people onscene.

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