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My name is Benjamin Nougninto. I am fatherless and I am in charge of my older brother because my mother is very sick and she was not able to take care of my siblings and me. I walk everyday 8 km to get to school that is why I am asking for help to buy a bike along with my tuition. I reached out to Cercle Social for help, because I was going to drop out of school if I did not receive any help. The health condition of my mother is getting worst everyday and my brother is not making much money to care for all of us. It is my dream to get a good education and hopefully a better job.


  • Gradesheet for Nougnito Benjamin

    Below is Nougnito Benjamin's gradesheet from Cercle Social. Big thanks to everyone who has supported his education and thus enabled him to make the honor roll! [img]/images/user/2722_15418926427508560854.jpg[/img]
  • Benjamin's Grades

    Here is Benjamin's transcript!