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You are on a 4 characters per server

I’d recommend choosing one Imperial character and another [url=]Republic[/url] character , so you're able to explore each side of the planetary stories as an alternative to doing the identical one twice on the identical faction.You are on a 4 characters per server on the f2p account. But you may make 4 more characters on another server, 4 read more about the next, etc.

Keep in mind though, your characters on different servers don’t share anything together – they may be completely separate. At the time of causing this to be guide there'll be only 5 servers, if you decide to plan on playing exclusively free-to-play, you’ll desire to pick your twenty characters wisely. You can make 1 of each one class by simply playing on 2 servers.

You'll receive the first companion around level 8. These are summoned and dismissed while using blue portrait on the bottom-left with the screen. Click the 'plus' icon to determine their huge selection of abilities – here you are able to set those you want them to work with.Click your companion's portrait and rehearse the button inside bottom-right to send out them to sell your trash loot. They'll return in just a minute with your credits, the faithful buggers.Companion customisation items dramatically modify the appearance of the allies. You'll receive one in your starting planet, yet others are available from specialist vendors.

The best way Republic and Imperial players can consult each other within the open world would be the /say channel. So if you’re on the Jedi and wish to say hi to some nearby sith, enter in /say or select it in the yellow speech bubble drop down menu on the bottom left on the chat menu prior to type your greeting for them.

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