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These are completely separate

Each class of [url=]Swtor[/url] possesses its own storyline, and every faction possesses his own storyline per planet. If you are on the free to play account that has a limit of four characters, I’d recommend choosing one Imperial character then one Republic character, to help you explore each party of the planetary stories rather then doing precisely the same one twice on precisely the same faction

You are restricted to 4 characters per server using a f2p account. But you will make 4 more characters on another server, 4 more about the next, and so forth. Keep in mind though, your characters on different servers don’t share anything together – these are completely separate. At the time of thus, making this guide you will see only 5 servers, for those times you plan on playing exclusively free-to-play, you’ll would like to pick your twenty characters wisely. You can make 1 of each and every class merely by playing on 2 servers.

If an entrance has a red forcefield over it, you are the right class or on the appropriate mission to enter. Players of other classes can accompany for your story missions, but you should tick a menu option before players with the same class can join you.But other players won't get credit for completion of your respective story missions. That means all loot and XP is yours. They will, however, get experience through the enemies they kill, as well as the warm glow that comes from helping a chum.

By playing this market, I mean buying cheap, and after that selling it in a higher price for profit. It can be a in a major way investment and require strategy. You will need to watch market prices each day, and also research exactly what you need set prices at. It’s how I designed a lot of my credits, and it can make you a great deal of credits. It’s exactly like trading stocks within the stock market. If playing the market industry is your thing, then go for it, it will be worth a go.

Additionally, the middle on the week is usually when you can sell items which are more. The weekends are the worst as many people are on, and flooding this market. Tuesday Wednesday, and Thursdays have lower populations, and fewer price competition.

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