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You will end up able to sell for the Auction

At this time it is shrewd to talk to every one of them because you could possibly get +450 experience points per trainer there are fourteen making sure that equates to 6300 exp. If you followed the guide right away and did nothing else you can be level one at 120 of 510 experience on the codex location experience bonus awards you received busy over to the fleet [url=]View here[/url] . After you finish speaking to all 14 of them you can be level four with 320 away from 5320 experience and able to take the same path time for Hutta to start with your questing and scavenging plus in a few levels your crafting!
Note– Only “accept” the confirmations around the three skills you need, to the others select “cancel” so you do not discover the crew skill and you still get the codex reveal plus the experience bonus. For the final selection of Synthweaving here there is the most available options to you with all the different previous skill ranges. You can make really whatever you're looking throughout this skill range. More than ever these choices important as prices on Damind Crystals and Alien Artifact Fragments will fluctuate constantly depending on how answer farming Archaeology nodes on Ilum or Belsavis or wherever else. Make whatever set or section of gear that actually works best for you, we're from the homestretch too so any materials grade 5 and below which are not Damind Crystals/Alien Artifact Fragments may be sold within the Auction House to have some of those precious credits back!
The only other item instructed to make this gear is Zeyd-Cloth which is usually purchased from a crew skills vendor inside your factions Fleet Station or you can run the Zeyd-Cloth Archaeology missions that yield it. It doesn't matter how you will get it, the missions can be cheaper than the property owner but of course more and more difficult. Be sure to use Reverse Engineering on many of the items you make to obtain back a few of your materials which you will end up able to sell for the Auction House or reuse.
Given the combination of these characters there are 2 main directions you must take: Armormech or Cybertech. Although it requires some capital output, for top level Cybertech results it is best to buy the Engineering Droid Sensor for ones Ship Droid and obtain the only +5 Cybertech Critical within the game. This combination yields increased Critical chance on both your output as well as your rare materials. It's also essentially the most marketable skill within the game at this time.
Biochem can also be a viable option with this particular class, considering the bonuses to Diplomacy, Biochem, and Bioanalysis included within the mix.Stay away in the Force focused skills, like Artifice or Synthweaving. Your agent can't rely on them, high are others who utilize them better.

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