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Nancy is 14 and in the sixth grade this year. Nancy’s father Josh was poisoned when she was young by one of her father’s coworkers who the family reports was jealous of his fast achievements at work. Josh died from the poison and left Nancy and her mother living in the bush, an undeveloped area outside of the capital, with no source of income. Nancy left the bush area to live with her grandmother in the capital. Nancy has been in and out of school according to the financial stability of the family. When Nancy is in school, she does very well and is high achieving.
Nancy spends a lot of time walking around Monrovia. Nancy is energetic and spends a great deal of time outside the cinema club searching for opportunities to see movies. Nancy has tried to work selling various goods in the market including cucumbers, lemons, and bananas but was not able to make enough money to continue buying goods to sustain the venture.
According to Nancy, “I didn’t think I could go to school this year. I was feeling very sad. All my friends were getting all their papers ready for school and my mom said we didn’t have money this year for me to return. I was not happy when I heard that I was not able to attend school! When I am not in school, there is nothing for me to do at home but to draw water, clean, cook and just sit down. All my friends would advance and I would stay behind. Now I can advance with my friends.”
Nancy loves science in school. She says, “I really would like to become a doctor. My grandmother was really sick; her foot hurt her so bad. We carried her to the doctor and there was no good treatment. That’s when I asked God to please help me to go to school, so I can learn to be a good doctor and I will treat the patients well.”


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