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Update on Zaina's Health

Unfortunately, Zaina has not been well. Please see the note below from Joanita, our contact from the Peace School:

Hi Joyce, Catherine and Jennifer,

I hope all is well. I am not doing well. One our students, Mulungi Zaina, is in the hospital, very ill. Both her parents died of AIDS-related complications. We have been taking care of her since she was 4 years old. In December she went to visit her aunt in the village. When she come back to the Circle of Peace School from the holidays, my mom discovered that Zaina had stopped taking her medicine. Her aunt claims she didn’t have transportation to take her to the hospital. Anyway, since Zaina came back she has been sick. Currently, she is in the hospital and her condition isn’t good at all. I have been calling and checking on her situation daily. I am praying for her to recover. She is sure a sweet kid. Students at Circle of Peace School are sad and worry for Zaina.

Kind Regards,


Please message Zaina back to show your continued support! Of all times, she needs it most right now.

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