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Dear supporters,

Bless you for your considering helping me.

My name is Shi Xiang Ma, and I was born on the 3rd of January, 1995. I live in Yuan Yang city, Ur Pu village council. We live in poverty, and I had been thinking of dropping out of school. But what else can I do? I cannot help my father. My father attended middle school; my mother attended only elementary school. My father insists my continuing school. In the family we also have our grandmother of 60 years old and my brother at 12, 3 years younger to me, to support. My brother achieves better grade than me so far; with your assistance and support, I will improve my grade standing by working harder.

At the beginning of my schooling, I did not pay attention to class and lag behind. My father with patience gradually helps me out. He wakes me up early in the morning to go over recitation; after class, he supervises me to finish homework. With much improvement, I increase my confidence. However, sometimes it is still hard, words entering from the left ear going out soon from the right ear. But my father always encourages me with patience.

Starting from 4th grade, I attended a school 25 km from home. During my 6th grade, my language grade started to drop; was the due to the low quality of my teacher? Or, was it myself to blame? Seeing it going done, I became avoiding language study; for composition, I stared at the blank paper and could not write. When I returned home, my father got really angry, criticized me and lectured me to tears. All parents wish the best for their children.

In my middle school, I met a friend; with his positive influence, I began to study with him and saw my grades improving. Even though the improvement comes slowly like cow walking. I am grateful for my parents and a friend to help me.


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    Ma Shi Xiang is asking for a scholarship through the Peach Foundation to fund his educatio. [img]/images/user/2858_11440405264293367049.jpg[/img] [img]/images/user/2858_3813622824013083497.jpg[/img]
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    [img]/images/user/2858_4670188232879629584.jpg[/img] [img]/images/user/2858_6366291036427648411.jpg[/img] [img]/images/user/2858_11461700782150406014.jpg[/img] Dear Givology c/o Joyce Meng: Hello! I am Shixiang Ma, the student that you have always helped; however, I did not contact you for these years. Since then, I finished high school under your donation and got in to a college. I am now an admirable college undergraduate student. A few years ago, I stepped on my road of learning with a dream; fortunately, I received your altruistic donation, which helped me to fulfill my dream. I am glad that I am now able to strive for my future. However, I have to worry about my family’s poverty as well as the tuition of college. My parents are farmers so they are not able to give me enough help. An old saying goes: “ One should repay others with more than he received” I am truly thankful to your donation and Peach Foundation’s help. All the emotion is combined in one sentence: “ Thank you!” It...
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