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'Bad Girls' Just would like Rock

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"Once played huntington beach it was like we were a sex act, recalls 20 yr old paula pierce, founder of the feminine quartet the pandoras. "The whole audience was guys and they all sat down while watching stage trying to look up our dresses.There's still some of that male thing doing,

Despite the achievements female groups like the go go's and the bangles, paula pierce and her pandora spouses keyboardist melanie bammen, bassist julie patchouli and drummer karen blankfeld have found that there are some audiences that can't get beyond the gender gap.Right away, pierce does not want fans to ignore the female aspect.

"Many of them don't even care that we're girls, states with a grin. "And \o7 that's\f7 variety of weird, my spouse and i.I like as like a girl,

Strongly, being a girl is part of the purpose of the pandoras.

"I always aspired to have this kind of a band, makes clear pierce. "Even when i was twiddling with other groups, i once thought, 'why am i accomplishing this?I know what i want to do.I should try to be the chocolate watchband only with girls.' had been no girl bands that were influenced by the Standells and the Seeds.Girl bands seemed like girl bands,

The pandoras are one all female outfit that sounds nothing can beat the cliched image of a"Girl association, lacking pretty harmonies, no delicate pop tunes.On vinyl [b][url=]more searches related to cheap pandora beads[/url][/b] and on stage the quartet has what you want with a garage band intensity that's fueled by grungy guitars, raspy vocals and unclear, altered amps.The mixture is made especially raw by means of vintage vox equipment, the anchor of countless '60s bands.Your result called"Fast core frug music"By one critic is timelessly teen age in spirit and shipment.

And the pandoras do simply borrow the musical style of '60s punk acts like the seeds and the standells.They also reflect much of the same bad boy outlook only in reverse.

"We have a really chauvinistic angle, almost like there we were males, pronounces pierce.'We take a stance including Standells, The same as, 'Get through here, baby.I'm the appropriate.' And other girls can refer to that.Instead of being like the go go's or somebody who talks about guys using them, we're system using guys.Girls think way.They're put into the group of only being the little housewife.Now they can idolize somebody who isn't a typical girl,

Just as the pandoras' toss is atypical, so is their approach to their main influences the scores of less popular '60s acts such as the humane society, the durty content, the live cables, the actual squires,?Together with the mysterians, the chocolate brown watchband and, obviously, the vegetables.And that is one link with the past is the spark that lights the pandoras' fire, it isn't really mere revisionist rock.The fact is, some '60s purists don't look after the band at all.

"I think that individuals who are trying to be really authentic don't like us, alleges pierce.'They'd rather see bands who play only '60s cover tunes and are \o7 incisively \f7 like Sky Saxon(On the seeds).We mix up all our influences and established something of our own.As the name indicated, it's unnecessary(To copy a sound).If it was so excellent, you'll never know how to be as good.You must do your own thing,

Doing her own thing was not invariably easy for paula pierce, who started the pandoras early in the year of 1983 after moving to hollywood from chino.A year later this rock band had recorded an ep("I'm with this, i'm passed away"On moxie financial captures)And an project("Isn't it about time"On voxx documents).Despite the eye that the lp stirred up, pierce decided to break up the unique band.

"I would say some sort of(Other initially pandoras)Were going in a more rock direction, states. "This band is more agreeable musically.We all like the same sort of music and everyone is able to hear the right parts in their heads,

Really develops bassist patchouli, 21, who cites the 13th floor elevators' leader roky [b][url=]Cheap Pandora Charms[/url][/b] erickson among her role models: "I was interested in joining girl bands for long periods but i couldn't find any that were interested in this kind of music.These folks all into pop, like the go go's and the bangles you'll know, general rock,

Within two months of the re rectangle of the bAnd last summer, paula And her pAndoras had registered a single("Hot systems"And"That you do not satisfy"On the voxx), Debuted live in the community, And set off for a tour of the new england.

Relationship, hmo's pandoras, led by keyboardist gwynne kelly felix, still play locally, and still use the pandoras name even though all very first songs on the"Now it's time"Album were published by pierce.Due to this fact, many clubs have started labeling the acts"Paula's pandoras"Along with"Gwynne's pandoras,

While the name game has to be settled, paula pierce and her pandoras are using high, continuing to mine the past for future fans some of whom haven't heard of sky saxon.

"Some people do not know what [b][url=]Pandora Clip Charms[/url][/b] we're doing, detects bammen, 18. "They think desire punk rock or new wave,

It's unsurprising if some fans are confused.In both sound and, the pandoras carry good fortune to extremes.

"It was tame in the past, the actual way in girls dressed, suggests pierce. "They dons a dress to their knees and think it was short.We wear much lower dresses and wilder colors.Guys were cool even if, with '60s,

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