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May 2018 Update from Maasai Girls Life Skills Training Program

The Life Skills Training Program that our Maasai girls attended offered five days full of important and useful experience to them. The program provided instructions on and space to practice using the important skills required to succeed in today’s world. After the program, our girls were fully equipped with skills to thrive. The topics covered in the workshop were relevant and required for anyone who wants to fit in today’s world.

The girls were exposed to many useful topics such as leadership, entrepreneurship, dream mapping, financial education, HIV/AIDs and reproductive health. Many people in the Maasai culture lack knowledge about these topics, and this program has ensured that our girls received an education on these essential life skills.

For instance, after learning about financial education on day one, many of our girls in their evaluation said that they will change their practices and attitudes towards money. They have learned the importance of wise money management by budgeting and saving.

Day two focused on reproductive health and helped our girls to better understand how to make healthy choices when forming relationships. In dream mapping, they learned that setting realistic goals allows for achieving one’s dreams. At night, they watched a movie called Gifted Hands which was selected to inspire the girls that they can be anything they want to be.

Day three taught the girls about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. Prior to the program, many of our girls believed that entrepreneurs apply knowledge they have already been given. What they learned was that many successful people employ themselves, create their own path and adapt their existing skills for success in areas where they didn’t already have knowledge and/or skills. Now, many girls want to use the skills which have been provided by this program to become entrepreneurs. The girls have also committed to transferring this knowledge to their brothers, sisters, and others in the future.
On day four, the girls learned about their rights and how to protect themselves from sexual offenses and sexual abuse. The day ended with a movie that taught the girls the importance of standing up for what is right.

Day five, concluded the program, with education on human development, allowing the girls to better understand themselves. This will help them to achieve their dreams, as they have gained a better understanding of who they are and what their purpose is in life. The program concluded with awarding of certificates.
In the program evaluations completed at the close, many of our girls expressed how the life skills program opened their eyes on how they can make significant improvements in their lives.


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