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My name is Maria Paula. I am 8 years old and I am in 3rd grade. I was born in a city called Medellin in the year 2000. My father is a pastor of a Christian Church and my mother is a kindergarten teacher's aid. We live close to my father’s job, in a small but nice apartment. I have my own room where I can play with my dolls and watch my favorite movies. I am the only child so I am somewhat pampered.

I love to read, rollerblade, draw and play with my dolls. I also like music very much. Right now I am learning to play the drums. I am also learning English. When people come from other countries I like talking to them in English.

My family’s income comes from my father and mother’s jobs. With that money my parents pay for housing, food, health and education expenses. My mother is also currently studying so it is a challenge to cover all expenses my family has. We want to have our own house someday.


  • Letter from Paula!

    Dear Godparents, We have started a new year at school. I have new challenges and expectations ahead. I'm glad that started a new year with my friends. This is a good environment at school and it's a challenge to start to discovery my skills and talents in order to decide what career to follow once I finish school. I think I'm interested on becoming a doctor. I have also discovered that I like very much reading, besides my studying. I read some books during my vacations last year. The one that called my attention was called "Ladrona de libros" (book's stealer). It's about a girl during the 2nd World War in Germany. The previous month I also read a saga of 5 books called "Hush Hush" that I liked very much. Currently I'm reading "Fallen," as soon as I finish this book, I'll start "The maze runner" which is a trilogy that called my attention. This year my goal is to read 30 books at least. I'll write you about the p...
  • Report Card

    Attached is Maria Paula's report card. Her diligent work has been applauded by her teachers. She has been able to excel with your support. [img]/images/user/541_9583582767380700906.jpg[/img] Maria Paula is doing great at school! Most of her report card has good grades with excellent comments from her teachers. Maria Paula enjoys Science and Religious Education. As well, she is very good at English and Technology. In addition, Maria Paula is good at sports. Keep up, Maria Paula! Interpreted by Givology Volunteer, [url=]Frida Herrera[/url].
  • First letter of 2015!

    Attached is a letter from Maria! If you are interested in responding, please do so! Our students love to correspond with their supporters. Givology can help with translations to facilitate this communication. [img]/images/user/541_14692599785312895843.jpg[/img] "Dear Sponsors: At this moment, I am finishing the school year, and it has been a good one. About a month ago, I started taking piano lessons, which is one of my favorite instruments. As well, I have been able to play at church with our worship ministry. I have not been able to go to my Karate classes because I sprang my ankle, but next year I will start training again. I am also thinking of start Tae Kwan Do classes. I love all martial arts, not only karate. A few days ago, I went to Socota, a little town in Colombia, which is known as the “Independence Route” because Simon Bolivar passed through this town. I really like it! I love to meet new people. I even made new friends. We have many things in common; one of them i...
  • 2014 Report Card

    [img]/images/user/541_3288577544256395321.jpg[/img] Student: Maria Paula School: Colegio Alejandro de Humboldt Maria is a little Scientist. She excels in Physics and Biology. She has a good understanding of the internal structure of many living beings. As well, she is very good at sports. Her professor suggests more practice. As well, Maria has scored Superior for her Religious Education. She understands the importance of honesty. Without a doubt, Maria is an excellent student.
  • Updates from Maria

    Maria just sent us a letter and a recent transcript of her grades. Thanks to all those who fund her education!