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Givology Graduation Blog: Katy Ma, Community Manager and Newsletter Editor-in-Chief

[color=#222222][b]Where did you attend high school?[/b][/color]
I went to Central Bucks West High School in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.[font=arial, sans-serif] [/font]
[color=#222222][b]Which university will you be attending?[/b][/color]
In August I'll be attending Wellesley College in Massachusetts. It's about half an hour outside Boston and I'm stoked to explore the city!
[color=#222222][b]What are you looking forward to studying in university? What did you study in high school?[/b][/color]
At Wellesley I'll either major in Economics and minor in Political Science, or major in both if I decide to later on. After taking AP Macroeconomics and AP Comparative Government in high school I realized that I'm really interested in economics and politics. These two classes were particularly fascinating to me because they taught me about how the world works in a way that felt so much more tangible and applicable than any course I've taken before. I was able to apply a lot of what I've learned from working with nonprofits and causes to understand these concepts. Career wise, I'm thinking business or government. I want to meet people all around the world and learn about their stories, hopes, and dreams. In whatever field I end up working in, my goal is to pursue a career that enables me to use my skills and education to help others.
[color=#222222][b]What does education mean to you?[/b][/color]
Education means opportunity. Education means achieving my dreams. Education is more than classrooms and textbooks. Education means social change. Education means less poverty and violence. Education is everything.
[color=#222222][b]How has volunteering with Givology shaped what you want to do in the future?[/b][/color]
Givology has given me the opportunity to take on several unique leadership roles. Through working on different Givology teams (social media, newsletter, and book writing) I've gotten to see the organization from different angles and meet some extraordinary people along the way. Ultimately, Givology has been a learning experience; about poverty, education, nonprofit work, social media, activism, and more. The knowledge and inspiration Givology has instilled in me in something I will carry on forever. Through my work in business and politics in the future, I hope to help make education a priority among leaders everywhere. I'm so grateful for the impact Givology has had on my life because it's truly motivated me to go into the world and help create the change I want to see.
[color=#222222][b]What is the greatest lesson you've learned from working with Givology that you will carry with you in the future?[/b][/color]
The greatest lesson Givology has taught me is that I'm not too young to be a leader. To me, the most amazing thing about the Givology team is that everyone respects and collaborates well with one another despite the fact that we're of all different ages, locations, and backgrounds. As one of the younger people on the team (I joined when I was 16, now I am 18), I never felt underestimated in any way. Instead, my ideas were listened to and diligently considered. This support and respect gave me a newfound confidence to try new things and become a leader. Now, when I work with students and children younger than me, I aim to treat them with the same sincerity and respect that older Givologists first treated me when I joined as an intern.

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