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Givology Graduation Blog: Kristy Liao, Development Intern

[b]Where will you be studying?[/b]
Cornell University
[b]What are you looking forward to studying in university? What did you study in high school?[/b]
In high school, I was an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma candidate and took IB courses in English, history, biology, chemistry, math, and Spanish. I'm currently interested in several fields of study, but I'll likely major in economics at Cornell.
[b]How has volunteering with Givology shaped what you want to do in the future?[/b]
Givology has made me more aware of global issues like education, poverty, health, and women's rights. When I first began to work for Givology, I realized that I could address those issues through writing in order to let other people understand the importance of overcoming socioeconomic barriers in developing countries. I took the lessons that I learned from Givology and decided to become a writer for [url=]The Borgen Project[/url], a nonprofit organization that fights global poverty by meeting with U.S. congressional leaders to secure support for poverty-reducing legislation. In the future, I hope to get involved in more organizations and efforts that aim to downsize global problems.
[b]How do you think your chosen major will help you impact your community and the global community?[/b]
Economics helps both the local and international community make well-informed choices. It affects the development and behavior of governments, businesses, and individuals in a surprisingly large variety of spheres: law, finance, education, healthcare, energy, environment, and many more.
[b]What is the greatest lesson you've learned from working with Givology that you will carry with you in the future?[/b]
Everything you do has an impact! Givologists leverage the power of small dollar donations and volunteer hours to address the huge issue of global education. At Givology, each dollar truly makes a difference in a student's educational journey.

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