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Givology Graduation Blog: Elise Jun, Chief Information Officer

[b]Where did you attend university?[/b]
I attended the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA.
[b]What did you study at university?[/b]
My major was Latin American and Latino Studies, and I minored in International Development.
[b]How has volunteering with Givology shaped what you want to do in the future?[/b]
I came to realize the importance of education and the impact an education can have through our students, projects and partners. Consequently, I realized that in my studies I was also interested in educational development, specifically in the Latin American region. I began taking classes at the school of education to see education from an academic perspective. My work with Givology exposed me to education on the field and intersected with my studies. Thanks to my volunteer work with Givology, I hope to continue to work in this field in some capacity in the future.
[b]How do you think your chosen major will help you impact the your community and the global community?[/b][b] [/b]
My major is specific and overarching, since it deals with the Latin American region. I think my major will help me have a critical approach to distinct cultures and regions, forcing me to think about the cultural contexts I'm working in. I believe that my knowledge of the region will help me to approach my work with a more local perspective, rather than an external outlook, creating more of a meaningful and sustainable impact on the community and larger global community.
[b]What is the greatest lesson you've learned from working with Givology that you will carry with you in the future?[/b]
The greatest lesson I've learned from working with Givology is passion. Every day I see our team come together for a cause we're passionate about, dedicating hours to achieving our projects and working with our partners. I've realized that Givology wouldn't be possible without the passion each volunteer has for our mission, and that passion is so crucial for any aspect of life. I hope to take that passion and apply it to everything I do.

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