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Opening Doors and Opportunities: Interboro Givs Chapter Update

President of our [url=]InterBoroGivs[/url] Chapter, Debbi Rowcroft, talks about her experience with starting and leading a Chapter. The InterboroGivs Chapter is currently raising funds for [url=]Give Her A Voice![/url] from our partner [url=]Starfish One by One[/url], which emphasizes the importance of vocal empowerment and trains girls in emotional resiliency. Read this update below:
[i]When we first heard about Givology, right away we knew we wanted to start a chapter. Just the idea of being able to help people thrilled us. We wanted to start a chapter at our high school because Interboro has never had such thing before. So then, just like that, InterboroGivs was created.
Education means the world to us because it opens doors and opportunities. To build a bright future, one must have education to nurture and support their growing thoughts. Education helps guide individuals onto the right path to become successful later in life. The hard truth is that not everyone in the world has access to such an important resource. We want to make it known. We want to do whatever possible we can to help fund education in third world countries. We want to make a difference.
Although there are many noteworthy and inspiring projects, we decided that [url=]Give Her a Voice[/url] was the one to go with. This project revolves around training girls that have been put down and disregarded their whole life. Give Her a Voice teaches girls to use and harness their voices as a tool and speak their minds and opinions. It helps them recognize their abilities and gives them strength to challenge naysayers that silenced them before.
To raise money, we’ve decided to have a Read-a-Thon at our local elementary school. While raising money, we hope that we will also place donation jars at local stores and school events. As time goes on we hope to progress in our fundraising and educate more and more people about Givology. Although InterboroGivs is only and infant compared to other chapters, we will try just as hard to help with Give Her a Voice and Givology. It only takes an idea to change the world.[/i]

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