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Featured Community Member: Pham Ha of Givology's Vietnam Chapter

[b]Megan Foo: What inspires you about Givology’s mission?[/b]
[b][font=" arial","sans-serif"]Pham Ha:[/font][/b][font=" arial","sans-serif"] As modern citizens, we all find it necessary to help people who are less advantaged than us in order to create a better and more affluent society. Among them, those that are the centre of attention must be children because they are still young and innocent. They need special care and protection and they deserve a happy life. Secondly, coming from a developing country where the educational level is not high, we understand how powerful and influential a role education can play in improving living standards. In the third place, we have always believed that it is our responsibility to contribute to the improvement of human society, to make the world a better place for everyone to live in. However, we did not know where to start achieving our ideal until we found out about Givology. With possibilities, practical tasks within our reach, Givology offers us a wonderful chance to put our plan into practice.[/font]
[b]Megan Foo: Can you tell us about Givology’s Vietnam Chapter?[/b]
[b][font=" arial","sans-serif"]Pham Ha:[/font][/b][font=" arial","sans-serif"] [/font]Our chapter consists of over 30 official members, all of whom are students of Tran Phu Major High School, Hai Phong Vietnam. In addition, we also have many volunteers coming from several other schools around Hai Phong. They are helping us spread the word about Givology.
Like many other Givology chapters, ours is divided into 3 sections including:
+ Design team: responsible for designing posters, pictures; administrating our page on Facebook and any other activities on the Internet.
+Event mangement: responsible for organizing fund-raising event from drawing up plans to putting them into practice.
+Communication/PR: responsible for finding, selecting and contacting sources of donation, individuals needing help as well as charity funds to fundraise.
[b]Megan Foo: What activities and initiatives has Givology’s Vietnam Chapter been involved with?[/b]
[b][font=" arial","sans-serif"]Pham Ha:[/font][/b][font=" arial","sans-serif"] [/font]In order to make our own fund, our first project is a handmade shop and it’s still in progress. Our products are mainly made of cloth or wool. Mostly we make them as decoration for key rings or phones. Handmade postcards are also popular products, especially ones with kirigami style.
On Vietnamese Teachers’ Day- November 20th, our handmade shop arranged a fund-raising event by selling handmade postcards to students who wanted to express their gratitude to their teachers.
And, at the moment, we are preparing our second event : raising money to support D.O.V.E Fund by selling the handmade and some types of cakes related to Christmas on 22nd and 24th December.
[b]Megan Foo: Which Givology projects, partners or students is the Vietnam Chapter planning to fundraise for this year?[/b]
[b][font=" arial","sans-serif"]Pham Ha:[/font][/b][font=" arial","sans-serif"] [/font]At present, we are planning to partner with D.O.V.E fund, a non-profit organization comprised of Vietnam veterants working to improving life of people in the most impoverished areas in Vietnam.
[b]Megan Foo: What has been your favorite part of being in a Chapter?[/b]
[b][font=" arial","sans-serif"]Pham Ha:[/font][/b][font=" arial","sans-serif"] [/font]My favorite part of being a Chapter is the sheer thought that we are helping less fortunate students so that they have a chance to receive more proper education. It has become our incentive and inspiration in every work so far.
Besides, being a chapter gives us experience in teamwork, analysing and organizing events, communicating and other skills needed for our future life. Therefore, taking part in Givology is actually helping us to develop ourselves.
[b]Megan Foo: What is your advice for people who are interested in starting and leading chapters in their area?[/b]
[b][font=" arial","sans-serif"]Pham Ha:[/font][/b][font=" arial","sans-serif"] [/font]My advice, firstly, is that the leaders should know how to inspire all the members with their chapters. In fact, most of students join voluntary activities due to inspiration and belief. Furthermore, finding out and helping the members find out their abilities are also the most important because it contributes a great deal to the success of every project.

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