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Announcing 2013 GivImpact Essay Contest Winners

We are thrilled to announce the Top 3 winners of our #GivImpact Essay Contest. This essay contest ran from October 11 to November 15, and we were inspired continually by the thoughtful, informed, and well-written responses from our participants!

[b]Grand prize winner: $300 Givology wallet cash credit, Our “2013 GivImpact Student of the Year”[/b]
Khanh Nguyen
[b]Second prize: $150 Givology wallet cash credit[/b]
Sandy Valencia
[b]Third prize: $75 Givology wallet cash credit[/b]
Grace Chege
A shoutout goes to all of the Givology volunteers who have helped out with the GivImpact contest. In particular, we are tremendously grateful for the passionate support of David Talmy, the brains behind the project! We would also like to take the time to thank Doris Li, Nicole Quaste, Wendy Risso, and Allison Zaucha for creating beautiful graphics related to the contest!

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