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Our Featured Givologist of the Week: Amy Chen, Givology Community Manager

[b]Megan Foo: What is your background? [/b]
[b]Amy Chen:[/b] Born and raised in the suburbs outside of Washington, D.C., I attended college in Virginia and studied to become a teacher. After school, I graduated and obtained the most wonderful job teaching grade school. After the most fulfilling years of my life, I wanted to be tied into a community that supported education on a global level.
[b]Megan Foo: How do you think your work with Givology has furthered your understanding of the state of education worldwide? [/b]
[b]Amy Chen:[/b] Education is a privilege that I did not fully understand growing up. Givology has really opened my eyes to the rest of the world and the enormous difference education can make in a an individual’s life. We can not fix all of the problems out there, but working together to better a few lives is incredibly rewarding. Following our student’s stories, reading their letters, getting to know our partners, and witnessing their successes brings joy and purpose to what we do. By building and expanding our social media platforms, many others around the world can see and learn about what our partners are doing. [b]
Megan Foo: Can you tell me about your experience as Community Manager?[/b]
[b]Amy Chen:[/b] Community is about a sense of shared purpose. We have a large group of incredible and dedicated staff that work together remotely on different initiatives. They are such an inspiration to me. We dial in for conference calls and work after work hours on projects in different time zones. I saw a chance to create a place where the Givology Team can feel connected and share content and ideas, while simultaneously creating connections with future Givologists, donors and partners. Consider it an open invitation to join our neighborhood. Social media is such a powerful marketing and fundraising tool that millions already access and use every day. I signed on in 2012 to revamp the Facebook page, which was not being fully utilized at the time. Now, our social media platforms are a fun resource and serves as the ‘glue’ for our community. Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram has allowed Givology to increase our reach to places we never could have imagined. Our party keeps on growing. Come join us!
[b]Megan Foo: What are your hopes for Givology’s future?[/b]
[b]Amy Chen:[/b] I hope that Givology will continue to be an exciting and purposeful community where like-minded individuals from all walks of life can join to give back and contribute to an amazing cause - our children. Givology enriches the lives of our students and donors alike, because when we give, our minds become wiser and our hearts bigger.
[b]Megan Foo: What does education mean to you?[/b]
[b]Amy Chen:[/b] I have a really great life. I have lived in arguably some of the best places on Earth. I have a family who loves me, plenty of friends, and opportunities for fun adventures around every corner. I own a car, a dog, a closet full of clothes, and a plethora of electronics. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how incredibly fortunate I am to come from a country where I have access to food, clean water, health care, human rights, and education. Things are pretty amazing...which is exactly why I must give back. Think about all that you have accomplished in your life, material things you own, relationships you treasure - you owe that all to being educated, learning formally or informally from others. I choose to give back in this field because education is the gateway to a more fruitful and meaningful life. With knowledge and a solid educational foundation, you are empowered to make your own decisions, follow your own dreams, and pursue your own passions. It allows you to live a fulfilling life and in turn, give back and enrich your community.
[b]Megan Foo: What do you enjoy the most about your volunteering? [/b]
[b]Amy Chen:[/b] I enjoy creating a fun space that serves as a virtual ‘meet-up’ for all Givololgists; we are a fantastic resource to anyone who wants to join us to learn more about our fight for education.
[b]Megan Foo: What advice would you give to someone who’s considering volunteering?[/b]
[b]Amy Chen:[/b] Everyone is busy; start small if you are passionate about something. You won’t regret it. Many of us are busy professionals, but take a few minutes each week to give back. It ties you into a bigger community and an even greater cause. Now, that’s beautiful!

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