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Be the Roots of Change - Interview with Katence Olson of GIVE

[b]Where do you think the power of Instagram and social networking services lies?[/b]
The power of Instagram and social networking is its ability to transfer another person’s experience and ignite a passion to change lives and perspectives in a community. It provides a new way of storytelling that allows us to build relationships through imagery. With GIVE, we are able to share our mission and vision, and connect, engage, and involve people worldwide.
[b]What does GIVE plan to do with the grand prize money?[/b]
[font=" times="" new="" roman","serif"]We will donate the money to the Tamani Foundation, a locally run non-governmental organization on the eastern seaboard of Zanzibar. Tamani is a privately owned, publicly offered learning center, which focuses on hospitality training as well as English, math, and computer sciences. Tamani provides an essential outlet conducive to learning and education in areas with a low capacity for standard education.[/font]
[b]What does education mean to you?[/b]
The beautiful thing about education is it transcends the classroom and becomes a part of your life. Education to me is the platform to empower growth and change, transforming people, future generations, and their lifelong impact. It’s the vehicle towards a sustainable future. Through education, people learn tools and transferable skills to develop a foundation of empowerment and advance their potential. It’s such a gift to watch students challenge themselves, learn, gain confidence, and feel supported through their efforts. This inevitably uplifts individuals and communities.
[b]What motivates you to volunteer with GIVE? What do you love the most about your job?[/b]
I absolutely love my job; it’s incredibly rewarding for everyone involved. Our ongoing, positive impact through collaboration with communities abroad to build sustainable infrastructure and expand educational opportunities is powerful. We, GIVE and our volunteers, develop deep relationships with the local communities, designing projects specific to their environment, culture, and climate. An incredible aspect of GIVE is the amount of community support we receive; an increasing number of locals choose to join our volunteers daily to complete development projects. The bond created between the locals and our volunteers is tangible and invaluable. Our volunteers have a transformative, life changing experience while working alongside communities to uplift lives.

[b]How does GIVE measure impact?[/b]
We utilize multiple tools and surveys to measure our impact abroad, including qualitative research by other supportive organizations.
[b]What advice would you give to budding education social entrepreneurs?[/b]
To have a clear purpose, understand, and most importantly involve the communities you are working with on an ongoing basis. It’s essential to put in the work before implementation begins: know what is to be achieved and the strategy to execute it in a sustainable way.
[b]What sets GIVE apart from other nonprofits?[/b]
GIVE’s sustainable model and deep community involvement is unique as is our groundbreaking, innovative and eco-friendly projects. Also, our volunteers are the backbone of our organization and we strive to make a difference in their lives while improving the lives and communities we work with overseas. We have a strong background in international development and focus on allocating resources to sustainable community development and conservation projects. GIVE’s mission is to inspire growth, empower the marginalized, and encourage sustainable change worldwide. While we operate like a non-profit, GIVE aspires to become one in the near future.

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