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Announcing the #GIVspiration Winners

We are thrilled to announce the [b]Top 3 winners[/b] of our Instagram #GIVspiration contest. This summer contest ran from June 17th to August 27th, and we have been inspired continually throughout the summer by the immense dedication of our Instagram Givologists! These Instagram photos are a testament to the beauty of volunteerism, which provides us with myriad opportunities to make a difference.
A shoutout goes to all of the Givology volunteers who have helped out with the #GIVspiration summer contest. In particular, we are tremendously grateful for the passionate support of Allison Zaucha, Givology's PR Director and the brains behind this project!
[b]Grand-prize winner[/b]: [url=]Givevolunteers[/url], 104 likes
[b]First runner-up[/b]: [url=]Rolumbian1[/url], 86 likes
[b]Second runner-up[/b]: [url=]Jey_mas[/url], 65 likes

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