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Recruitment Notice: Calling All Givologists!

Summer is the best time to get some much-needed rest; it is also the perfect season to introduce community service into your life and embark on meaningful volunteer projects with Givology. Take a look at our list of open positions and role descriptions below, to see how you can make a difference in the community and further Givology’s mission of making education available and accessible to all!
[u]Marketing and Social Media[/u]
[b][i]Chief Marketing Officer[/i][/b]: Leads Givology’s marketing activities and campaigns, oversees Givology’s social media (be it Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.)
[b][i]PR Officer[/i][/b]: Liaises with key spokespeople and the Givology team often via telephone and email, researching and writing press releases to social media, writing and editing Givology’s articles and annual reports, creates publicity brochures and presentations, organizes events like exhibitions and press conferences, updates Givology’s site, fosters community relations
[b][i]Tumblr Manager[/i][/b]: Leads the blog posting on Tumblr, posts photographs of events and activities, writes promotional posts, blogs quotes on the importance of education and education issues
[b][i]Facebook Manager[/i][/b]: Leads the updates on Facebook, posts photographs and links to events and activities, writes promotional posts, creates posts about the importance of education and education issues
[b][i]YouTube Manager[/i][/b]: Uploads Givology’s recent videos and promotional clips, promotes Givology’s YouTube channel and its videos
[b][i]Social Media Campaign Manager[/i][/b]: Devises a marketing plan that combines social media and online advertising, manages email marketing campaigns, develops marketing and promotional projects, enhances social media outlets and opportunities to maintain communication and drive interest, plans a monthly social media calendar, tracks website and social media performance
[b][i]Online Marketing Manager[/i][/b]: Heads Givology’s promotional efforts on the Internet, writes and optimizes Givology’s site’s content to ensure search engine visibility and a user-friendly website, makes Givology’s newsletters and publications available online, uses social media to promote Givology’s cause
[b][i]Comptroller[/i][/b]: Oversees the quality of accounting, manages Givology’s financial reports
[u]Letters and Partnerships[/u]
[b][i]Partner Updates Director[/i][/b]: Acts as a liaison between the Givology partners and the core team (receives messages, funding statuses and student letters from the partners), interviews Givology partners on a periodic basis to feature their work and encourage funding for their projects
[b][i]Director of Letters[/i][/b]: Receives letters from the Partner Updates Director, divides work between the committee members of the Letters and Partnerships team, contacts students and partners on a regular basis to check on progress, ensures that there is a consistent connection between potential donors and students and/or grassroots organizations
[b][i]Quality Control Director[/i][/b]: Responsible for the quality of the translated letters and partner updates, reviews the translations/writing and makes recommendations on how to improve Givology’s partnerships and expand Givology’s presence
[b][i]Translation Coordinator[/i][/b]: Translates letters, ensures that the descriptions of the partners on the Givology site are clear and well-written, and proofreads translated letters to drive interest in Givology’s mission
[b][i]App Developer[/i][/b]: Develops apps to further Givology’s mission, works closely with the upcoming GIVInspiration project (Instagram-based), liaises with the CTO about Givology’s site and potential improvements
[u]Fundraising Activities[/u]
[b][i]Director of Events[/i][/b]: Brainstorms, leads and organizes the logistics and objectives of creative fundraising activities, assists with marketing campaigns and promotions, officiates at events

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