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May 1, 1992 was the day I was born into my impoverished family. As an older person now, I look back to the memories of our five-person family unit surviving in brutal poverty. My home did not have much grain or rice, while others had a plentiful supply. We sometimes borrowed from other families to feed ourselves and return the amount back to them the next year. If we were lucky to have a good crop season, you can see the smiles on my family's faces, and vice a versa. During Chinese New Year, others would kill their pigs to feast on, while we would never be able to. Without anything to eat, we would just hide at home, fearing that others would talk about our lack of festivities. But our family would never step foot inside another's roof just to eat pork.

During the course of my studies, my dad would cross many roads in the wind to get to my relatives' houses to borrow my tuition. Here a little, and there a little, we would gather enough to send me to school


  • Thank you! A letter from Mao Chun

    Respected Givologists, Hello! I am Mao Chun, a poverty-stricken student from Si Chuan Province, Liang Shan Autonomous Perfecture, Yan Yuan County. First, I would like to sincerely say, Thank you so much. I am extremely indebted to you; I know that you don't want us to do anything to thank you, and your love and support for me is what I will never be able to repay. Thank you for your help. Thank you for helping me complete my crucial high school years. Thank you for your concern; for giving me the strength to continue on the road for education. Thank you for accompanying me through thick and thin, for loving and caring for me all these years, that even in the bitter cold of winter would I still be warm, and never feel the cold grasp of depression. I hope you can be at ease, because I have already received my employment notice. I will use all the knowledge I have accumulated to work hard and support my aging parents, I will do my best to lighten their load. I do not wish for them ...
  • An update on my life and my grades

    Summary on what has happened to require more financial aid: Due to the drought, we do not receive much crop harvest. Since my mom is the only one working in the house, she does not plant that many crops to grow. The crops are affected by the drought so our family income is low. After receiving tutoring for a year, I see an improvement in my academics. But to achieve better grades, in the remaining 82 days I must work very hard. Rank: 28th in a class of 40 Last terms semester exam grades: Chinese 97 Math 80 English 85 Physics 30 Chemistry 42 Biology 50
  • Message to Mao Chun supporters

    "Dear Givology c/o Joyce Meng: Greetings. Mao Chun did not get into college after taking the test this past July, please support him for another year as he will retake the test next year. For some people, a second chance is probably their last chance. Thank you for your support in his/her life, dont give up on him/her. Zheng Tian Qin" [img]/images/user/2893_4928891147880271052.jpg[/img] Translated by Givology Volunteer, Ru Ping Chen.
  • Mao Chun's Letter!

    [img]/images/user/2893_8761491067581043119.jpg[/img] [img]/images/user/2893_122790000581068266.jpg[/img] [img]/images/user/2893_12169841838533275994.jpg[/img]
  • My letter to you


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