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How to Make $150 in a Week by Recycling Aluminum Cans

If you are looking for some unique ideas to make money to try without investing a large part of your valuable time or cash, it could be just a few economical recycling bins, some garbage bags and some paint away from a good option.
Once you have the recycling bins, you can recycle your aluminum cans and those of others to earn some extra money and also help the environment at the same time.
This may be a viable way to earn money, but you should know how to do it in a way that gives the highest profit.
The money you will earn by recycling cans depends on several factors, but the good news is that the initial costs are low. With some scrap, garbage bags and a good source for collecting cans, you are ready to begin.
[b]How to Change Your Cans into Dollars[/b]
Find that type of places there will be a large volume of empty aluminum cans; like stadiums, colleges and schools and the like.
Obtain the permission of the operators of these facilities to establish a recycling bin in these places.
Purchase large trash bins to use as recycling bins to place the aluminum cans. Be sure to put bags in each container to facilitate collection and clearly label the containers so that they are only for aluminum cans.
Take the containers and place them strategically in the high-volume locations you determined earlier. For large complexes [url=]where can i sell my aluminum cans near me[/url], you may want to use more than one container.
Be sure to check the containers regularly and empty them at least once or twice a week.
Transport the collected cans to the recycling facilities and change them for money.

[b]Is it still worth recycling aluminum cans?[/b]
Several years ago maybe 2-3 years, aluminum recycling was a great source of income for men and woman even for adults as well, however, with advances in manufacturing technology, the tin wall has thinned to the thickness of the paper, which makes it a can much less profitable.
Maybe this could be an adequate income for a younger family member. (Perhaps as an allowance), however, the hourly or weekly wage may not be worth it for an adult.
The amount which you can get for each cans, which varies from week to week and is different for different states.
For example, aluminum is purchased at $ 0.30 per pound in the state I live in (MO), but in other states (namely, California and Michigan) the legislation sets the rate at $ 0.10 per can, which makes the Recycling in these places, is worth it.
If you have done the calculations, you will find that in my state; can generally cost $ 0.013 per can instead of $ 0.10 as they do in other states. These states would increase their hourly rate from a humble $ 3.90 per hour to a whopping $ 30 per hour as well as $150 per week.
With such a drastic difference, it is not surprising that some have tried to take their cans to these more profitable states instead of staying close to home.[color=rgb(28, 30, 41)][font="Segoe UI", sans-serif] [/font][/color]
[b]Where do I take the aluminum cans?[/b]
Listings of local [url=]aluminum recyclers[/url] in your area can be found in the yellow pages of your local telephone directory or on recycling websites.
Remember that all recycling centers have the option to pay different prices for the cans they receive, so check the reviews online and do your research to find the recycling center in your area that pays the best price.
Recycling aluminum cans alone probably won't make you financially independent, but it can be a way to make money quickly if you're in trouble.
Taking advantage of the free money that can be purchased in aluminum cans can be worth it when done right.

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