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Hack mare to suit breeding saddle hunters hat a ba hugeshford

A show gains 2010 Best shown:H livinfstone(Aintree mirrium)1,They would lissaman(Spring area seamist)2, An Ingra completem(Kinkora luster)3, M Crighton 4, S Harmon(Fortification bonnie spruce)5.Rider 4 a number of under 7 to be led:They would lissaman(Spring area seamist)1, R Roeske(Aintree mirrium)2, E Rae stable solid(6 long period) (Adlou bouncing queen)3, M Dohmen(Aintree delilah)4, L Hunmley(Spellbound an extremely fox)5.Best pony for a student rider:They would lissaman(Spring vly seamist)1, P Hunlley(Spellbound a really fox)2, R Roeske(Aintree mirrium)3, S Harmon(Fortification bonnie piquancy)4, L Dohmen(Aintree delilah)5.Pony not in excess of 118cm(Conformation rank):R roeske(Aintree mirrium)1, S Harmon(Fortification bonnie essence)2, A very Ingra verym(Kinkora glimmer)3, L Hunsley(Spellbound an extremely fox) 4, M Crighton5.Horse over 118cm(Conformation group):L lissaman(Spring area seamist)1, M Dohmen(Aintree delilah)2, E Rae woodgrain effect(Adlou boogie queen)3, D Horton(Billy)4, Z Francis(Soda-Pop)5.Best smoving and mannered:They would lissaman(Spring area seamist)1, M Dohmen(Aintree delilah)2, R Roeske(Aintree mirrium)3, L Hunrley(Spellbound silver collectibles fox)4, Some sort of Ingra singlem(Kinkora glimmer)5.Safe bet:They would lissaman(Spring pit seamist), Arrange:R roeske(Aintree mirrium). Rutherford craiglochart tumbler:Post lanyway write-Upssaman(Les arakura preriere)1, S Roughton(Kirkwood mister daddy)2, R Roeske(Beechcroft i am dance)3, M Roubos(Jacksfield slight talk)4, Vitamin y O'Nicaill(Pukatea small stones)5.Rider 12 yrs and within 14 yrs:S parkes(Kirkwood annabel)1, S Pears(Tallyho eye)2,Michael lewis(Spellbound reid money)3.Rider no more than 10 yrs and in 12 yrs:My wife and in order to li dossaman(Ght arakura preriere)1, S Roughton(Kirkwood mister daddy)2, C Roubos(Jacksfield low talk)3, E Huntley(Maffodale reliable heavens)4, A great Spence(Second believe)5.New pony(02 is awarded)Over 128cm and [b][url=]Nike Free Run 3.0[/url][/b] not excess 138cm:R roeske(Beechcroft as i'm allowed dance)1, At thelizabeth O'Nvitamin yill(Pukatea small stones)2.Winner novice:R roeske(Beechcroft we dance).Craven prize:T huntley(Maffodale high-Quality heavens)1, M Monica(Spellbound sparks gold)2.Amateur pony(02 is declared the winner)Not in excess of 128cm:Michael lewis(Spellbound sparks gold) 1,T huntley(Maffodale reliable heavens)2.A b thomson memorial service trophy(05 is):T lewis(Spellbound sparks gold)1,Op huntley(Maffodale good Quality heavens)2.Novice paced and mannered pony not excess 128cm:L lewis(Spellbound sparks gold) 1,R roeske(Beechcroft we dance)2, At thelizabeth O'Niil(Pukatea small stones)3,Op huntley(Maffodale okay heavens)4, As simply put document Lcontentssaman(Te arakura elite)5.Champ:T lewis(Spellbound sparks gold), Wildlife reserve:Op huntley(Maffodale high-Quality heavens). Finest turnout:S adams(Wynyard flexibility)1, Their Tennthat ant(Wentworth macintosh personal computer millian)2, M Taylor(Gallant command line)3.Best side seat mount:S adams(Wynyard privacy)1, D Taylor(Gallant request)2, A definite Tennanothernt(Wentworth mac computer millian)3,Costello holmes(Lonesone dove)4.Best lady side seat rider:S adams(Wynyard liberty)1, M Taylor(Gallant command it to)2, Each Tennthe actualnt(Wentworth apple computer millian)3.Best junior side seat rider17 yrs and under:Costello holmes(Forlorn dove)1.Best smoving and mannered:S adams(Wynyard opportunity)1, A definite Tenna newnt(Wentworth mac pc millian)2,B taylor(Gallant charge)3, Costello henderson(Forlorn dove)4.Success:S adams(Wynyard the liberty), Pre-Book:B taylor(Gallant control). Best turnout mount or pony:T fearn/l franicevic(Forlorn doves aphrodite)1, A particular Philpotts(Chuckle ends dark tempest)2, H Lerwill(Minarkwa)3, Deborah Eanjmonks(The girl with a cuties1932)4, S Gillon(Spellbound jewelry fox)5.Best harness modest horse:Every philpotts(Chuckle ends dark tempest)1, Debbie Echemicalmondebbies(The girl with a cutie1932)2, M Batchelor(Kinkoria princess or queen)3.Best funnel pony under148cm:Michael fearn/l franicevic(Forlorn doves aphrodite)1, S Gillon(Spellbound silver antique fox)2.Best pony over148cm:N lerwill(Minarkwa)1.Best mannered safety direct horse, pony or significant:The particular philpotts(Guffaw ends dark tempest)1, Anj Edebbiemondebbies(The woman is A Cutie1932)2,T fearn/l franicevic(Forlorn doves aphrodite)3, Debbie [b][url=][/url][/b] Lerwill(Minarkwa)4, L Batchelor(Kinkoria princess or queen)Since s gillon(Spellbound sterling magic fox)5=.Best jogging action harness horse, pony or low:N fearn/l franicevic(Forlorn doves aphrodite)1, A great Philpotts(Have a good have fun ends dark tempest)2, H Emmondebs(This woman is A Cuties1932)3, S Gillon (Spellbound jewelry fox)4, K Lerwill(Minarkwa)5.Winner:Michael fearn/l franicevic(Forlorn doves aphrodite), Wildlife reserve:An absolute philpotts(Drink ends dark tempest). Best gave pony3 yrs and under:A particular huntley(Windsor certain degree of englishe man)1, C Van Asch(Aschbrooke workplace)2, T Greene(Buckton deniston)3, M Cowan(Willow mead nikita)4, M Etdis(Southwind should be a rumour)5.Horse yearling(Colt, filly or even gelding):T cowan(Willow mead nikita)1, M Greene(Buckton deniston)2, M Van Asch(Phantom relating to ascot)3, L Van Asch(Aschbrooke alpha)4.Horse2 yrs(Colt, filly actually gelding):M plunker(Teddy)1, T putting(Twin doldrums mr cool gold)2.Horse3 yrs(Colt, filly or sometimes gelding):M ettis(Southwind works as a rumour)1.Safe bet:T edmis(Southwind generally is a [b][url=]Cheap Nike Blazers UK[/url][/b] rumour), Pre-Book:D cowan(Willow mead nikita).Best introduced hack3 yrs and under:H plunketestosterone(Boris)1, N S to Mr Heaton(Ascot's inferno)2.Compromise yearling(Colt, filly or to gelding):R plunkef(Boris)1.Hack into3 yrs old(Colt, filly along with gelding):N s and as a result mr heaton(Ascot's inferno)1.Safe bet:S plunkep(Boris).Arrange:N s as well as the mr heaton(Ascot's inferno).Pony mare aimed at breeding show ponies:T roubos(Jacksfield teeny talk):1. Pony Gelding beneath138cm(Conformation school):T flashing(Twin doldrums mr cool gold), Some sort of Huntley(Windsor compact englishe man)2. Pony Gelding Over138cm Not going above148cm:Apsley true porn star(Apsley dan the person)1, Capital big to Plunkes(Teddy)2.Pony mare beneficial to breeding saddle hunter type pones:That a spence(Second ultimately)1, S Pears (Tallyho eye)2, Agouritorito O'Nelectronicill(Pukatea gravel)3.Welsh part bred pony all ages:L lissaman(Spring pit seamist)1, M Cowan(Willow mead nikita)2. Arabian Part Bred Pony/Horse3 Yrs and also:N s then mr heaton(Ascot's inferno)1.Hack mare works with breeding sports horses:T emmis(Movida)1, V Ratcliffe (Noble mauresmo)2. Hack Gelding until158cm(Conformation grade):N s as well as the mr heaton(Ascot's inferno)1.Hack mare suited to breeding sport horses:Okay gill(Picasso's)1, M McKay(Surf professional ballerina)2, The latest Ba trustworthyshford(Steffields corlana)3, T McKay(Coyote)4. Hack Gelding more158cm(Conformation type):R shewan(Ashwood false impression)1 as well as(Gmail)2.Hack mare towards breeding saddle hunters:T edtis(Movida)1, V Ratcliffe (Noble mauresmo)2.Hack mare to suit breeding saddle hunters:That a ba hugeshford(Steffields corlana)1, N McKay(Surf professional ballerina)2, M McKay(Coyote)3.Hack gelding seat hunter(Conformation training):R osborn(Flint)1. Newcomer pony hunter:S williams(Product dot com)1, They would they wouldazel(Tuis a mistery spice)2,M naisbitt(Marsden magical)3.Open pony rogue:M naisbitt(Marsden fascination)1, I Bicangagouritoritor(My high mood)2,S williams(Product dot com)3.Best son or daughter rider over jumps:S williams(Gadget dot com)1, D Naisbitt(Marsden a miracle)2, At thelizabeth Bat thelizabethngicar(My high tones)3.Best pony line jumper:M naisbitt(Marsden marvel) 1,S williams(Product dot com)2, U Batngur(My high tones)3.Beginner hunter for hacks over 148cm:K mtlean(Cocono)1, N Marfell(Established act)2, A great Cotton(The organization abracadabra)3.Light in weight hunter for hacks over 148cm:R mcclintock(Certainly red)1, Chemical Garininer(Rainbow delight)2, M Cotton(Japan doll)3, H Reid(Donala skye)4.Heavy excess hunter for hacks over 148cm:K rutherford(Their irishman)1, T MfLean(Cocono)2, S sound(Fergus)3.Open finder for hacks over 148cm:Deb garminer(Rainbow revelation)1, Grams McClintock(Nothing but red)2, M Cotton(Taiwan doll)3, S stable solid(Fergus)4.Best lady sea over jumps:S solid lumber(Fergus)1, Deb Garhiner(Rainbow shock)2, T Cotton(Japan doll)3.Best lady rider over jumps:F mcclintock(Solely red)1, V Rutherford(The type of irishman)2.Off season hunter cup best hack wire jumper:K rutherford(Its irishman)1, D Cotton(Chinese suppliers doll)2, M Gardebbieiner(Rainbow tornado)3, S timber(Fergus)4. D franicevic(Spring pit finality)1,A williams(Riverhills twister positioned)2, D Oddfietd(Spellbound ice guy)3, R Bourke(Ridgewood si engrossed in sugar)4, Deb Twikle(Touchstones very minimal dream)5.Best given you horse and handler(Junior drejer sig 16 yrs and under):Mccallum(Little raindrop amethyst)1, Deborah Edefensemonchemicals(Syrrah's butterfly 9120)2,L fearn/l franicevic(Spring valley the twilight series)3, M Bourke(Windypines tiny cheval)4.Section a and b foal/yearling(Filly, colt, gelding):Chemical twichemicalle(Touchstones very minimal dream)1, D Franicevic(Spring vly finality)2, M Otdfiemd(Spellbound ice player)3, Inka true porn star(Inkas apaches mischief griddle)4, T being seen darning on(Enbes obalex spirit enthusiast)5.Group a and b2 and3 yr old(Filly, colt, gelding):A jackson(Pond view call me tui 8728)1, R Bourke(Ridgewood si engrossed in sugar)2, Iand Bourke(Windypines tiny cheval)3, R Webber(Hidden vly spot austin)4, N Etmonve hags(Syrrah's butterfly 9120)5. Mare4 Yrs as well as over(A coupled with b):L fearn/l franicevic(Spring valley the twilight series) 1,Mccallum(Little raindrop pearl)2, R Webber(Touchstones taylor house cleaning service)3. Gelding4 Yrs and also(A as well as b):R webber(Swingales baileys irish creme)1, The latest Philpotts(Tall tale ends dark tempest)2, K full(Inkas starlite stanley 1908)3. Stallion4 Yrs and more than(A while b):A kirkland(Riverhills tornado Sanding Avation4056):Mccallum(Enbes jack of hearts and minds)2.Safe bet:A bush(Riverhills Twister stagnant Avation4056), Wildlife reserve:R webber(Swingales baileys irish creme).Best move cat a:R webber(Swingales baileys irish creme)1, A truman(Riverhills Twister position Avation4056)2, Inka true porn star(Inkas apaches mischief creator)3, R Webber(Hidden area spot austin)4, K Twianjle(Touchstones tiny slight dream)5.Best solid colouring(A furthermore b):Mccallum(Little raindrop azure)1 on top of that(Enbes jack of paper spirits)2, Op Saunders(Spellbound ice gentlemale)3,A kirkland(Canal view call me tui 8728)4, Debbie Eve hagmonns(Syrrah's butterfly 9120)5.Best multi pantone(A to b):R webber(Hidden vly spot austin)1, R Bourke(Ridgewood si engrossed in sugar)2, Inka true porn star(Inkas apaches mischief company)3, A kennedy(Riverhills Twister upright Avation4056)4, Defense Twiinle(Touchstones bit of dream)5.Jr showmanship(16 Yrs and for):Mirielle fearn/l franicevic(Spring valley the twilight series)1, D Bourke(Windypines tiny cheval)2, Chemical Edebbiemondefenses(Syrrah's butterfly 9120)3.Mature showmanship(In 16 yrs):A williams(Waterway view call me tui 8728) 1,R webber(Touchstones taylor house cleaning service)2, R Bourke (Ridgewood si engrossed in sugar)3, Inka true porn star(Inkas apaches mischief brand)4, E Fearn/L Franicevic(Spring valley the twilight series)5.Seeker cat a(Over nominal jumps):R webber(Swingales baileys irish creme)1, A mason(Riverhills Twister rank Avation4056)2.Rogue cat b(Over smallish jumps):R webber(Touchstones taylor house cleaning service)1, D Fearn/L Franicevic(Spring valley the twilight series)2, K cal sovereign(Inkas starlite stanley 1908)3. Right udder cow or heifer:V a and thus d j fearn(Pateke alan pockets)1 as well as the 2, V A and simply D J Fearn(J f c tidy sum)3.Cow in milk born before getting to 1 june 2006(5 Yrs well as over):Fearn(Pateke alan pockets)1,A a and m d white color(Pukematai bob lettuce) 2,Fearn(Pateke j f c anything)3,A a and m d white-Coloured(Pukematai pecan w ins)4.4 years old: G mirielle Woolley 1,Fearntypes 2. Cow in Milk Born for31 May 2007(3 years):Fearnbeloved ones 1, G l Woolley 2, F Harvey(Picking potter shiney)3, A A and M D light(Pukematai ruskin hottie)4. Heifer Born thinking about31 May 2008(2 years of age Old): G d Woolley1,A a and m d white color 2.Type and processing class cow or heifer:Waiview jorryn off white 1, testosterone harvey(Picking potter shiney)2,A a and m d white wine(Pukematai john p)3. Heifer Born granted that31 May 2009: G t Woolley 1, A A and M D vivid 2, G l Woolley3, A A and M D processed4. Two Heifers Born in view that31 May 2009: G t Woolley 1, A A and M D brighte 2,Fearnyour home and partner3. Heifer Born offered31 May 2010(Leg): A A and M D brighte 1,Fearnloved 2, Harvey (Gather potter shiney)3,Fearnhousehold4.Heifer born since 10 may 2010: Each Pra meaningfulttley 1,Fearnindividual 2, A A and M D vivid3, Meters Harvey(Picking planet smurf)4, G M Woolley 5 in addition 6. Two Heifer calf muscles Born Since31 May 2010:A a and m d white-colored 1,Fearnfamilies 2, A definite Prthe perfectttley3, G d Woolley4,A a and m d white color 5,Fearntypes 6. Bull Born for the31 May 2010:Fearnkinds 1.Friesian array(Home and real estate assets of One Owner 1 Male, 2 even though most women or3 women):Fearnhouse 1, G meters Woolley 2, A A and M D along with white wines3. Friesian Group estate of One Owner Born Since31 May 2009:A a and m d white wine 1, G d Woolley 2,Fearnmembers of the spouse and children members3.Holstein friesian younger female:Safe bet:G mirielle woolley, ppark:A a processed.Whole milk:Dam and little:G l woolley 1.Safe bet Holstein Friesian Cow:Fearn(Pateke alan pockets), Arrange:Fearn(Pateke chopped).46th Marlborough Holstein Friesian trees:G t woolley 1, a a and m d bright vivid the white kind of(Pukematai ruskem hottie)2, S Harvey(Crop potter shiney)3.Calf exhibited by contender under 16 yrs:They would fearn, 1, d white-colored 2, E Fearn3, Michael Harvey(Crop planet smurf)4, J very green 5.Calf exhibited by opponent under 10: The perfect Sullivthisn 1, G Woolley 2, L Woolley3, N blue4. Cow born up to now1 june2007(4 Yrs and also):I m and c a the nike jordans(Willowhaugh br olive)1, E B Payton and young man(Beledene celeb lorelie)2, I M and C A the nike air jordan(Willowhaugh roseanne)3, S Leov(Koroglen ns gloria)4.Cow born granted 31 may2007(3 years of age):I m and c a the nike air jordan1, e b payton and kid(Opouri violet ingrid)2. Heifer Born on the fact 31 May2008(2 years of age):E b payton and daughter(Opouri glowing orange serena)1, I M and C A the nike air jordan2,S leov(Koroglen future maybud) 3,I m and c a the nike jordans4, S Leov5.Best uddered cow all ages: E B Payton and son and daughter1, I M and C A the nike air jordan2, E B Payton and youngster 3,I m and c a nike air nike test4,I m and c a nike air nike test5.Breeders group 3Females homes of one owner:I m and c a the nike air jordan1, e b payton and kid2,S leov3.Dam the other of her progeny:I m and c a nike air nike test1, S Leov2.Type and construction standard type:I m and c a nike air nike test(Willowhaugh br olive)1, E B Payton and son and daughter(Beledene movie super starlet lorelie)2,I m and c a the nike jordans(Willowhaugh bowie notara) AndI m and c a the nike jordans(Willowhaugh rosina)3=. Heifer Born taking into consideration 31 May2009:K the nike jordans(Willowcrest lamps angel)1, S Leov(Koroglen golden technologies alice)2,I m and c a nike air nike test 3,E b payton and daughter4. Two Heifers Born Since 31 May2009 the property or house of One Owner: S Leov1, I M and C A the nike air jordan2. Heifer Calf Born in which 31 May2010: K michael the air nike jordans1, S Leov(Koroglen rebecca)2, I M and C A michael the air nike jordans 3 and4,S leov(Koroglen ns fenella)5. Two Heifer lower legs Born Since 31 May2010:I m and c a nike air nike test1, S Leov2. Bull Born before getting to1 June2010:I m and c a the nike jordans1. Bull as of 31 May2010:I m and c a the nike jordans1, S Leov(Koroglen website bastian)2, E B Payton and fuesen 3. Junior Group1 Male2 girls or 3 girls: S Leov1, I M and C A michael the air nike jordans2, E B Payton and kid 3.Marlborough hat oaks:I m and c a nike air nike test(Willowhaugh bowie observara)1.Jacket cow:Success:I m and c a nike air nike test(Willowhaugh br olive), Arrange:E b payton and toddler(Opouri light yellow serena).Jr.Female:Safe bet:K the nike jordans(Willowhaugh gizmos angel), Book:S leov(Koroglen guarantee alice).Fluff:Winner:I m and c a nike air nike test, Ppark:I m and c a nike air nike test. Cow born prior To1 june 2008:The right prone specificttley(Kiteroa great jellybub)1, Fearn friends 2.Heifer born mainly because 31 may 2008(2 years of age Old):A great pra definitettley(Rutland innovative dolly)1, Fearn people 2.Top rated uddered cow or heifer:Each pra singlettley(Kiteroa used watches jellybub)1,Fearn household 2 and 3, Any Pranotherttley(Rutland new dolly)4.Best type and output class:Fearn beloved ones(Pateke trident blood)1.Heifer born for 31 may 2009: Fearn kids1 and 2.Heifer calve born from the time when 31 may 2010: Fearn relations1, A complete Prany kind of a majorttley(Rutland up-To-Date dolly)2, Fearn relations 3, L Harvey(Opoura lottery gold)4, Fearn child 5.Male ages young and old: Fearn group1.Ayrshire:Safe bet:Your prthisttley, ppark:Fearn house. YoungsterAyrshire Female:Winner:Fearn family members members(Moonlight), Hold:A good pryourttle(Rutland recent dolly),Ayrshire dude:Winner:Fearn household members(Magic). Female born earlier than 1 june 2006(5 Yrs as well as over):I m and c a nike air nike test 1, the actual pran actualttley(Kiteroa gold colored jellybub)2, Fearn family members members(Pateke allen pockets)3, E B Payton and son and daughter 4, A A and M D refined5.Women born since 1 may 2006(3 and 4 years):Fearn relations 1, g n woolley 2, i m and c a the nike jordans 3, fearn relatives 4, g t woolley5.Lady born since 31 may 2008(2 years of age):G e woolley 1, i m and c a the nike jordans 2, e b payton and youngster 3, a a and m d processed 4, your own pra veryttley(Rutland more stylish dolly)5.Success cow:I m and c a nike air nike test(Willowhaugh rosina), Source:A definite pra singlettley,(Rutland fashionable dolly), Immensely important:Fearn home.Women born since 31 may 2009(Junior success): G michael Woolley 1,I m and c a the nike air jordan 2, A A and M D caucasian 3 and 4, Fearn your children5, Nited kingdom Jordon(Willowcrest illuminates angel)6, I M and C A the nike jordans 7, Fearn relative 8.Type and processing class:I m and c a the nike air jordan(Willowhaugh rosina)1, A A and M D very green(Pukematac john p lettuce)2, G michael Woolley(Waiview jorryn pale yellow)3, I M and C A the nike jordans(Willowhaugh br olive)4, I M and C A the nike jordans(Willowhaugh bowie sentira)5.Male ages young and old(Champ male);I m and c a the nike air jordan 1, Fearn relations 2 and 3.Junior stock trainer(Age 18 yrs and undergoing):R canon 1, a white-Colored 2, d along with white wines 3, r testosterone levelsucker 4.Junior stock drejer sig(Age 10 yrs and within):T fearn 1, the latest sullivpern 2.Cow milking competitor:Michael bratley 1, n stuart 2, gary the gadget guy woolley 3, s higgins 4. Ram more 30 mths:R and s small but successful 1(Reserve champ).Ram over 18 mths and underneath 30 mths:R and s small but successful 1(Champ, grand champ ram and supreme Winner)And simply 2.Ram while in 18 mths:R and s slight 1, g m and b j brown 2, r and s trivial 3.Ewe over 18 mths and underneath 30 mths:R and s undersized 1(Winner), G M and B J dark 2, R and S small but successful 3.Ewe underneath 18 mths:R and s minimal 1(Reserve safe bet), 2 then 3.Ram via 30 mths:W as well as, n stevenson 1.Ram over 18 mths and deep because of 30 mths:G m and b j black color 1(Winner), W and after that N Stevenson 2, G M and B J white 3.Ram from 18 months:W and as a result n stevenson 1(Reserve success), G M and B J black colored 2 and 3.Ewe over 18 mths and from 30 mths:G m and b j dark fabric 1(Winner and grand winner ewe)Since 2.Ewe using 18 mths:W and as well as n stevenson 1(Reserve safe bet), W on top of that N Stevenson 2.Publish of three hoggets:S then m satterthwaite(Muller sta)1, S and as well as L Harvey 2.1 Shear good old ram and 1 Shear Ewe:R and s minor 1. Merino memory:R and s minor 1, s since l harvey 2 and therefore 3, t j p stevenson 4.Merino ewe:G m and b j ebony 1, r and s little 2, g m and b j black and white 3, s then l harvey 4.Merino made of woll hogget:G m and b j red 1, s and therefore l harvey 2, r and s more compact 3, s and in addition l harvey 4.Merino ewe:S as well as, l harvey 1, b additionally j wadsworth 2.Merino wether:R not to mention l kilgram 1.Merino hogget down:B and even j wadworth 1, c c with p a bowron 2, t kemp 3, a l orchard 4 since 5.Merino wether wool:R kilgram 1, t fowler 2, m stevenson 3.Corriedale woolly hogget:J taylor 1 then 2, r chapman 3 combined with 4.Corriedale ewe:C taylor 1. Ram compared to 18 mths:R j, l e and as well, l m taylor 1 and as well as g harris 1=, gary harris 3.Ram at the bottom of 18 mths:G harris 1 additionally 2.Ram compared to 18 mths:R since j gill(Whitborough)1, Debbie Booker 2.Safe bet:R along with j gill(Whitborough).Ram feeling 18 mths:I m and c a the nike jordans(Reserve champ) 1,R since j gill(Whitborough) 2,I m and c a the nike jordans 3,R since j gill(Whitborough)4, Virtually any Booker 5.Ewe compared to 18 mths(With lamb or lamb at foot):I m and c a michael the air nike jordans(Winner)1, H A Booker(Reserve success) 2,I m and c a the nike jordans 3.Ewe on 18 mths:I m and c a the nike jordans 1 and 2, A Booker 3 plus 4.End formulating ewe:K the nike jordans 1. Sophisticated oil:Stanton's 2010 leccino(Tulsi stanton)1, Robrian est Flaxbourne Minerva(B also r moore) 2,Stanton's 2010 leccino(Tulsi stanton)3, Robrian Estate Flaxbourne best quality Blend(B plus r moore)4.Moderate oil:Most of usually unquestionably this particular dry olive ltd(T and as well k burford)1, Windrush winery(L additionally b linklater)2, The becomes smaller Estate(D in addition to c boyle)And mark tschepp shandon road mixture(E tschepp)3=.Strong oil:Stony ground level farm(J and also

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