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A [b][url=]outlet[/url][/b] safe countryside Just go back from a 12 day tour of jordan.What really was striking was [b][url=]mowi2 Nike Running Shoes[/url][/b] that jordan is a very peaceful country and the people are extremely polite and renowned for their hospitality.Nothing that is happening in its neighborhood be it iraq, syria or egypt has stricken the peace in jordan.There were not many tourists though maybe it was as a result of hot weather or perhaps by the widespread perecption that middle east is not safe.While it suited me perfectly well that there wasn a lot of tourists and i had most of the holidaymaker destinations virtually for myself, i also felt that jordan merits better.Jordan has a lot to offer and should be a tourist destination on its own not to be clubbed with a tour of egypt or israel. Priya 16 days is lots of time, you've got a fab trip and won be rushed at all.The main highlights i'd would be petra, wadi rum(I spent a night and afternoon there but sometimes do more.Was still the required time to be wowed by it though), Useless Sea(Take pleasure in, have [b][url=]Nike Free Run 3.0[/url][/b] a rest, drift! ), Aqaba(Red sea beach resort), Amman, Madaba and another sights between:Desert forts, install nebo, kings freeway and little petra.There also jerash and dana nature reserve which i haven been to but often hear they wonderful.

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