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Cheap Party Dresses UK get into a car and cause this amount

Driver [b][url=]Plus Size Wedding Dresses[/url][/b] ploughed into her car causing horrific injuries that left her 'looking like a chucky doll' She has suffered depression following the headon accident with jennifer kemish's vehicle but is now trying to rebuild her confidence so she can walk down the aisle. The wedding was booked for april 6 to mark 10 years after she got together with her boyfriend michael at school. However, her plans were shattered following the crash on february 15 this year. She had been due to get married at southampton registry office with the reception at the nearby royal british legion. Kemish, 30, had drunk three pints of lager at a pub in fawley before getting behind the wheel of her ford mondeo, a court heard. She lost control of her vehicle and drove on to a grass verge before swerving into the path of a vauxhall vectra driven by mr clarke. He was driving miss cooper and their threeyearold son paul [b][url=]Prom Dresses UK[/url][/b] home from mcdonald's along the a326, near hardley, at the time of the crash. To turn round to tend to paul, when the impact threw her forward, Smashing her head on the windscreen. She was banned from driving for 20 months, given eight penalty points and fined 600 after pleading guilty to driving without due care and attention while under the influence. Kemish, from marchwood, hampshire, was also given a community order, and told to pay 60 into a fund for victims of crime. Miss cooper, from fawley, said the pain and trauma of the accident will haunt her for the rest of her life. She blinked back tears as she said:'I'm still so shocked that someone can [b][url=]Cheap Party Dresses UK[/url][/b] get into a car and cause this amount of pain to someone. 'The judge thought the sentence was good enough for her and who am I to argue with that.But my wedding plans are shattered and i have got to live with it for the rest of my life.' Miss cooper, who has no recollection of the impact but remembers waking up in hospital, said:'I was really scared. Family:Annabelle, 26, with her partner of ten years michael clarke and their threeyearold son paul

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