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Analysis of constituencies of chargesheeted mps India today commissioned marg to conduct an opinion poll in the parliamentary constituencies of 10 political figures accused in the jain hawala case.To measure the impact of the scandal on the mood of the voters, marg interviewers travelled across 630 locations spread across the 10 parliamentary constituencies and surveyed 3, 901 created voters. The field work for the opinion poll was dispensed between february 7 and 11.The sampling process spanned various age brackets, schooling and income levels.Narasimha rao, between feb.16 and 18, In which 378 voters were surveyed.The poll findings have been analysed and through marg. Ever since the cbi chargesheeted some of the strongest names in indian politics last month, the jain hawala case is just about the biggest political scandal to have ever hit the country.Nearly everywhere in one sweeping move the scandal netted so many politicians, cutting across socials, territories, ideologies but manifestos, raised questions on its impact on the indian electorate who will go to the polls in a few months. Far from the continual exposure of the media, in the dusty communities and remote towns of interior india, nearly two thirds of the voters interviewed by marg had not really much as heard of the jain hawala case.Marriage ceremony a definite yardstick.The average level of awareness appears partly because in some constituencies it was far below others 11 per cent in madhepura compared to 54 per cent in gandhinagar.Understanding a political controversy that is growing in magnitude each day is hardly going to remain low in an election year. What is more significant is the definite influence the scandal has among voters who are already aware of the case.For their opinions could be pointers to what the continent will witness when it goes to the polls. Over fifty percent of those who were aware of the scandal did not want to re elect their sitting mps.This was most in evidence in ghosi and madhepura where 73 per cent of the voters polled said a resounding 'no' when asked if they'd vote again for kalpnath rai and sharad yadav.Advani. The responses of voters who believe their mp to be guilty of accepting money in the scandal were even stronger.Shukla's raipur constituency.Sort, the case has opened a pandora's box that could ruin political careers and change outcomes in the election contests. For each constituencies, success have been analysed at two levels.First, among all those aware of the jain hawala case and then some of those who voted for the mp in the 1991 elections.The second exercise was undertaken to find out the erosion in the mp's support base due to the fact the jain hawala case.When it comes to analysis, we are let's assume that previous voters constitute his support base. But as the cbi research gain momentum and more facts become public knowledge through news reports, the jain hawala case has obviously become key election issue.Such as since, using the poll results, it is already affecting the voting behaviour of those that know of the case.Outcome have, as, been analysed to point the loss in votes that could occur for each mp in a scenario where every voter has heard of the jain hawala [b][url=]cheapest price[/url][/b] case.A scenario whic h could well becoming reality by the time the elections are here. Qualifying measure for choice of candidate While honesty appeared to be the most essential point for the voters of gwalior, madhepura then ghosi, it found a lot of support in ghosi.With 78 per cent believing kalpnath rai to took money and 73 per cent unwilling to re elect him, the voters of ghosi are possibly locating a premium on honesty. In gas wellhinagar in addition to the ranchi, any constituency of yashwant sinha, the voters placed honesty at par with the candidate's help his constituency.Only in sikar, balram jakhar's url, did the contemplation on party affiliation gain precedence.In raipur and as well, satna, the candidate's constituency work was rated as the key.Shukla and so arjun singh.Only in these two constituencies did voters prefer a corrupt but efficient politician to an honest but ineffective one.Narasimha rao:Nandyal Marg handled a special survey for india today in nandyal, the constituency of pm p.V. Narasimha Rao, Between feb 16 and 18, In which 378Voters were interviewed about the Jain hawala case and theirViews on the pm. If there is one place the pm can rely on for reassurance in these troubled times, it is usually his constituency in andhra pradesh.For most of voters polled at nandyal, rao is not if not an honest leader who has their over whelming support and faith. Seventy eight per cent of the voters said that they were happy remembering what the country was being governed and did not want a change.Three quarters of the voters said that make use of them vote for the congress(My partner and my spouse and when i actually)Which they considered the best party to solve the country's problems. The jain hawala case is basically a non issue among the voters of nandyal.Eighty seven per cent 329 out of 378 voters have not heard of the actual.Advani to be guilty of intercourse and 33 per cent think scindia took money.A mere 12 % felt that rao accepted the hawala funds.Worth mentioning, most were anyway those people who did not vote for him last time.In other constituencies, a minimum 35 per cent of the voters believed their mp to be guilty. The incredible support for rao in nandyal is evident in the option that six out of every seven people who were aware of the case said they would vote for him again(See platform).Rao's consistency is untainted in the eyes of a vast chunk of his electorate.Nearly three fourths of the voters considered that the allegations against rao were untrue and politically motivated.Eighty five per cent thought rao should return as pm.Eighty seven per cent said they had no doubts that rao was a good person. Amidst the dependable voters of nandyal at least, rao is covered from any flak that he might be facing elsewhere.Advani accepted take advantage the jain hawala case.But over fifty percent of these very voters were willing to re elect him. Hawala could actually make a dent, specially in urban constituencies like gandhinagar.If that occurs, advani would lose 31 % of the votes polled.Twenty two per cent of even those who voted for [b][url=]see results about pandora charms[/url][/b] him in 1991 wouldn't re elect him. Arjun singh:Satna Satna, because ghosi and bahraich, has only 24 per cent of voters who know the [b][url=]Pandora Glass Beads[/url][/b] case, yet close to half of them believe sexual crimes. Arjun singh could lose 33 per cent of the votes if the entire electorate were to know of the case in the next several months.Of the 10 people in politics covered in the study, scindia possibly enjoys further goodwill in his constituency than others do in theirs.Only 36 per cent ofthe voters polled in gwalior said they believed him to be accountable for accepting money in the jain hawala case. A just 50 per cent of them were, on the other hand, prepared to vote for him in the coming elections.The only other constituency with identical result was gandhinagar.

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