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Mambina was born in Maryland County, Liberia and relocated to Grand Cape Mount County as a baby. A member of the Vai tribe, Mambina grew up in an isolated region of the county outside of the capital city or Robertsport. Her father, Mambudu, is one of the few doctors in the country and used his education to begin teaching Mambina at a very young age. As a result Mambina became very clever and quickly was promoted through schools before attending More Than Me Academy. In fact, she is the youngest, and smallest, member of her grade level and regularly marks at the top of the class despite the age differences. Mambina's parents are still married and live together, a feat that is quite rare in Liberia. Her parents love her very much, and in fact her name is a combination of her parents names as a sign of their love. Mambina's mother works in a local bank and often works very long hours so that she does not get to spend much time with Mambina. Most of Mambina's time is spent at school (she never wants to leave and often requests to live in the library!) and studying and she plays only on Sundays. Mambina's drive and commitment to her education is astonishing, and to see this small little girl standing toe to toe in tests and quizzes with girls as much as 7 or 8 years older than her is incredible.