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Dream University Acceptance!

Dear Givologists,
Thank you for your continual support; with your help, I have successfully completed high school, and with my own hard work, have been accepted into my dream university! If it weren't for your help, I wouldn't have had a high school education, much less have a chance to step inside an university classroom. Your unselfishness gave me hope, gave me strength. Every time I remember the people silently supporting me, I am full with spirit, with the drive to courageously face my troubles.
I think I am very lucky, lucky enough to get your support. I will treasure this opportunity, I will be diligent and prudent, becoming the best person I could be. I will learn from your magnanimity and how you unselfishly offer your time and energy for others to do my best to help others.
Best wishes,
Li Xia[img][/img]

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