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Lisbeth is the oldest of three children and lives with her mother and step father who are also expecting another child in November. The family has been through some very difficult times in the past as Lisbeth´s stepfather battled with alcoholism, which resulted in a lot of fighting at home. Through attending workshops with Social Workers in SKIP, Lisbeth´s mother was able to learn about the importance of communication in a relationship and used this insight to talk to her partner. This appears to have significant impact on the family environment and the situation has dramatically improved.
Lisbeth was referred to school for special needs as she has learning difficulties and was not communicating verbally and her ability to understand the concepts taught at school was minimal. Lisbeth was also being bullied by her peers and was increasingly reluctant to attend.

Since starting at the Santo Torribo, there has been a noticeable change in Lisbeth´s mood; she is a happier, more confident child and has begun to use simple language to communicate.