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The named scholarship initiative is a chance for families to donate two hundred dollars or more and create a fund in their family name or in the name of a loved one that will help children not only today, but tomorrow. It is at the cutting edge of a new field – sustainable charity. The donated money will be placed into a term deposit (CD) that will run for five years. Each year, the interest earned will help pay for the expenses to run the school. The current project is to fund night classes for teenage boys and girls so they can prepare for some of India’s competitive college entrance exams and hopefully study at a college.

The school is currently several mud and brick open aired shacks. The students sit on the floor and there is only one blackboard for 20 or more students. Yet, the students come every day, and the teachers have an almost perfect attendance record. The fact is the students and teachers have the passion, the school just needs financial help to get to the next level. In fact, the school is actually growing quickly and the school has begun to hold preschool classes by a temple.


Amar Seva primarily serves rural communities and slum residents in different places of Jaipur i.e such as Jalalna Kachi Basti near Power House, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur in Rajasthan. In the evening, Amar Seva runs classes and other activities for women, to educate and enable them to be independent. Additionally, the organization also provides education to approximately 50 children of street sweepers in Surajpole Mandi, Jaipur, Rajasthan. Every Sunday, the organization arranges food for approximately 100-125 underprivileged children. In Galta Gate, Amar Seva teaches approximately 60 impoverished children whose parents work as rickshaw pullers, among other informal jobs.


Givology supports the long-term sustainability focus of the scholarship fund - to provide children with lasting financial support for the entire duration of their education through the structure of the fund.

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The fund will be administered by . K.K.R. Maheshwari, a well-respected community organizer involved with the operations of Amar Seva.


  • Letter/Picture Update from Amar Seva!

    [b]We recently received a new update letter, and pictures (below) from our partner, Amar Seva in India. Read what Radhika has to say about her work with Amar Seva, and look through the pictures to see for yourself![/b] For the last four years I had not visited India, it had become completely unrecognizable. Malls twice the size of American Malls every mile, Industrial Parks and offices sky-high, and apartment complexes so large they often form cities of their own. The modernization of India excited me, not only because of the infrastructure improvements, but also because it provided jobs to hundreds of people. Yet in all of this positivity lays an ugly truth, which is that, the gap between the rich and poor only increases. The rich lead a luxurious life, where as the poor struggle to earn even two dollars a day. One of the biggest issues that India’s poor faces is that there is no value of education. They live by the motto that education is a luxury not a necessity. I was shocked to...
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