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Mery’s parents passed away, leaving her and two older brothers. This year, Mery is fourteen years old and entering 8th grade. Despite her disability, Mery is a diligent student in school, excellent in English and music, has a bright smile and positive outlook. She has participated in music competitions and won a number of awards. Mery wishes to go to college and continue studying English.


  • An Update from Le Thi Mery

    She is now 17 years old and she is in grade 11 at Hai Ba Trung High School, Hue city. Mery has an excellent voice so she can sing very well. At our Center, she is a member of the music team, which have won many medals at music contests held for people with disability as well as for the blind. Besides, she learns foreign languages such as English, French and Chinese. At school, she gets good grades in Vietnamese, History, Geography, and Biology.In her free time, she and other students often listen to music on the radio, films on TV and so on. She is a very energetic and self-confident girl. She studies hard at school to get good results and as next year she will be in grade 12, the last year in high school. Then, she will continue studying at the University. After having received your fund, she bought more books, clothes. The rest of the amount, she saved for future studying at the University. Her aunt is keeping the remain fund for her as she is now an orphan.