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Summer vacation update from Longfeng Ran

As you can see from the letter below, Longfeng has had a meaningful experience working over her summer vacation. As always, we invite all Givologists to message Longfeng to show your continued commitment!


Dear Givology,

Greetings! I was so happy to receive your letter, I opened it quickly with much anticipation and started reading. Thank you for your caring and concerns, I am doing well. My parents are doing all right, though I worry about them since they are weak in health and prone to illness.

There is certainly some pressure in the process of studying and learning, but whenever I think about how educated people are the blessed ones in this world, I am happy to have knowledge fill in the emptiness of my inner spirit. There are many inequalities in this world, such as in wealth and power, but the gain or loss of literacy embodies inequality of the mind and spirit.

Many children who were born into poverty like me have lost the opportunity to study and learn. I think I am a very lucky child. I am so thankful for an organization like Givology - you are the ones who have given me the opportunity to study, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to continue my schoolwork. I owe my gratitude to every kind person who has helped me! Thank you to every person who has supported my studies, thank you for your sincere concerns and encouragements. I will study hard to help myself complete my life’s dreams.

My studies are going well; my grades usually place me in the top three or so of my class. In the summer, I went to work in a restaurant. The owner was very nice and took good care of us students. He said, “One should feel admiration and sympathy for a student who is willing to work to earn wages instead of going home to relax during his summer vacation.” As he finished saying this, he told me I could start tomorrow. The owner’s comment really moved me, so I responded, “Thank you, I will work diligently.” During those days of working in the restaurant, the work would sometimes be very tiring, but I am not one to grow weary and give up. I also met a lot of other students and became good friends with them during my time there. They were very nice to me and also took care of me. They told me they respected me, particularly for my strong will and thirst in knowledge that have helped me stay true to my dream of becoming a teacher and the path I will take to get there.

There were many things I didn’t know how to do, so they taught me patiently. I slowly learned many things that I didn’t know how to do before. In many ways, their constant help made me feel very happy. Those days passed quickly, and with a blink of an eye, school was starting soon and it as time to say goodbye. During this summer vacation, I realized many things: no matter how difficult of a problem or situation we face, as long as we are brave enough to tackle the problem directly, we will be successful in reaping happiness. There are many things we do not know how to do or understand in daily life. It is incumbent upon us to seek understanding; only the growth I gain from the learning process can fulfill me. Allow yourself to learn and apply what you learn in daily life. If we never try to learn, we will never have confidence in our own abilities.

Wishing you good health and all the best.

Happy every day! I love verry Peach classes!

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