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Translation of Longfeng's letter

Here's the translation of Longfeng's latest letter. Please message her to show your continued support!


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I’m very happy to hear from you.

My father is in better condition now, thanks for asking. He wants me to work harder at school, since that’s the only way my family and I can have a better life. I’m very glad that my family finally supports me to go to school and I won’t let them down.

My family is kind of underprivileged and my parents have been sick a lot lately, which makes me very sad. We mostly rely on farming to make a living, but now my father’s disability makes the situation even worse that I cannot afford to go to school. Though they don’t have the money to let me go to school, they still encourage me, and I no longer feel alone.

I love mathematics, and I am super excited about math classes. Also, I like English, because I want to travel abroad to experience different cultures in the future.

I've developed a very good relationship with my parents. They make an effort to understand me and they also take good care of me. They ask me to cherish the opportunity to go to school because when I get older I won’t have a chance like this. I’m glad to hear them say that, and I’ll definitely work harder at school. I understand they had me drop out of school only because they really couldn't afford it. I’ll take care of my parents when they get old, because I want to make them happier. Right now our lives are more difficult, but we are a happy family.

One problem I have at school is that I have only paid half of the tuition and the principal agreed that I can pay the other half later. I think the principal is a very nice guy and he’s sympathetic to our plight. My classmates also helped me out when I have troubles. I am very grateful to all the people who have helped and cared about me. I’ll never forget you all. Another problem I have is that I find learning English a little bit difficult for me, but guess I will just work harder and I believe I’ll eventually nail it. After all, I believe that where there is a will, there is a way.

I paid most of that half of the tuition by borrowing from my aunt and my older brother and the rest by getting a summer job. The scholarship of Peach Foundation covers my living expenses. If there’s a problem that I really can solve on my own, I’ll apply for a small loan from the Peach Foundation. I believe all my hard work will eventually pay off long as I don’t give up. Actually, I plan to be an educator after graduation. If possible, I want to study abroad to expand my horizons. I really want my life to be meaningful.

I’m doing pretty well at the new school now. Time goes by so fast, I have to cherish every minute to study. I even made a time table to study more efficiently. Also, I’m very strong now, thanks for asking. I won’t let you down!

Happy Every Day! I love very Peach classes!

Best Wishes,

Longfeng Ran

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