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If emissions documents leaked earlier this month

The RT gets a smaller 5.Along with the adjustable stock seats, both the R1250RT and R1250GS have optional seats to help riders get the perfect fit.5-inch TFT screen as well, in place of an LCD panel or traditional gauges.Both new bikes have built-connectivity, to integrate mobile phones and other technology.

7-inch TFT screen.Both the GS and the RT will go on sale next month in Canada.BMW will likely introduce further models in the R1250 lineup this fall if emissions documents leaked earlier this month are correct.

The Shiftcam design has two lobes per intake valve, instead of one.BMW [url=https://www.zhenhuagm.com/products/electric-tool-cart/electric-barrow/electric-single-wheel-barrow-single-wheel-with-rear-stand.html]single Wheel Barrow Manufacturers[/url] also says asynchronous intake valve opening along with redesigned engine controller and twin-jet injection valves means the engine’s airflow and carburetion have improved.

Here’s what the new RT model looks like. Expect the R1250GS and R1250RT to be on display at October’s Intermot show. There’s also a new exhaust system for “optimum performance characteristics.UPDATED SEPT.

The GS will have an MSRP of $21,400 (up from $20,300 for the R1200GS), and the RT an MSRP of $22,050 (up from $21,750 for the R1200RT).


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