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Warm greetings to you!

May God be with you and bless you abundantly.

It is for me a pleasure to be able to write to you once again. I do remember you daily, however,
through my prayers.

My parents and brothers send you hugs. We are deeply thankful for the generosity you have in
your hearts to help children like myself to fulfill our dreams. God bless you. I hope the beginning
of the year has brought happiness to you in your country. I wish for you abundant peace, love and

I celebrated my 15th birthday last year. My parents organized a nice birthday party for me. I
danced and shared my happiness with friends and family.

I am in 10th grade this year and at my school I must decide which subjects I would like to focus on
which is a little complicated but I keep moving ahead. I still would like to learn languages,
however! I have had a lot of homework but I keep myself very active and have lots of dreams…

Thank you for expressing love to my family and to me through your support. I used the money I
received to buy school supplies, uniforms and other school things. Thank you very much.

I appreciate you very much. I am happy to be able to write to you and also to get to know from
you. I send a special greeting to my friend Alex. Blessings!

With appreciation,

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