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Letter from Vanessa: August 2010

As you can see, Laura really enjoys messages from Givology donors - please continue to send your support!


Dear sponsors:

I am sending you a great greeting from my side and want you to know that I am doing well thanks to God. I am very happy because next year I will start high school.

I also want to tell you that I did well at school. I always keep you in my heart and I ask God to protect you and take care of you, not only spiritually but financially.

Thank you for the letters you have previously sent me and also for your financial support.

The small town where I live is very pretty and a lot of tourists come to visit because it has a snow capped mountain and its fauna and flora are very pretty. I invite you to come! It is a spectacular place and I am sure if you come someday you will love it!

I would like to continue hearing from you.

Many blessings.


Laura Vanessa

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