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Translation of Laura's letter

Dear Sponsors

A thousand blessings from God…
Please accept my warmest greetings and a fraternal embrace of Christmas and also all the best and wishes in the coming year. It is nice to have friends like yours. You will always be in my prayers and I thank God for their support and generosity. I continue studying very judiciously. I ended my studies this week and they went well. Now I am on vacation and I wish to share a lot of happiness with my family and friends.

We are in the summer time, which is why people go on excursions and trip to attractive locations. For this month, families come together and there are many tourists and visitors. I am happy to send them a generous welcome on these dates and I love being able to send them good tidings and peace, saying we love you. As special human beings, my greatest hope is that all households in the world like kids have love, peace, understanding, and fear of God so that each new year we can say
I love you!

Merry Christmas
Have a prosperous 2010

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