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Translation of Laura's letter

Thanks to our wonderful translation team, we now have translations of Laura's letter!


El Cocuy, September 16th, 2009


My name is Laura Vanessa. I am twelve years old. I live in El Cocuy Boyaco to the north. I am in seventh grade. I have two younger siblings, Angélica and Jairo who are both little understanding and kind sweethearts.

I like languages and computers very much. My dreams are to do something with that.

I practice reading a lot. I like to peruse writings on diverse topics. I consider myself to be a somewhat serious child. I am very orderly. I believe that those that fulfill their dreams are those who continually.
I want to tell all of you that this province of Colombia has a very cold climate but has beautiful, diverse landscape that I would like everyone to know about. It is a small town. Its people are friendly and celebrate many different holidays throughout the year.
In my free time I practice sports. I like basketball and volleyball. Also, although I am not so outstanding at it, I take part in dances and dramas. I like to go to church, and I know that God is who cares for and provides humanity with all things. I enjoy youth groups and study. I continually thank God for my youth, and I want all the young people of the world to be happy and reach their goals.

I want with all my heart to give all of you a brotherly hug and this bouquet of flowers with much love in this month of love and friendship. God bless you.

Laura Vanessa

P.S. You are all cordially invited to El Cocuy.

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