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Message and Grades from Laura Vanessa!

Translated letter from Laura:

Appreciated Givology Group.

May all-poweful God fill you with many blessings. Receive from me hugs and abundant thanks for your generous help in this new year, 2011. I started ninth grade. I feel very excited and happy about high school because I’m beginning to feel the achievement of my studies in basic education. This year I’m celebrating, if God wants it, my grade. I’m continuing with my project in English at school. I take two extra hours at the end of the day with my English teacher. It’s really very cool! I continue to have many changes in my life. It’s true that being an adolescent brings you many new things, but anyways I continue to be very consistent in my studies and judicious with all my responsibilities.

I would love to communicate with you guys. You are present in my heart every day. I ask God to bring you peace, tranquility, and blessings. Success in all your projects! I thank you a lot.

Thank you for being a part of my life! And for helping me with my dreams!

Laura Vanessa

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