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My name is Laura Vanessa. I was born in a small town called El Cocuy, on November 13, 1996, at 1:15 a.m. I am 11 years old. My mother’s name is Nydia Arleny and my father’s is Jairo Andrés. I have one younger sister and one younger brother. Their names are Angelica Paola and Jairo. My father works as a truck driver. My mother stays home and takes care of us. We live in a rented apartment. My father is gone most of the time because he travels a lot. It is part of his job.

My family has financial difficulties because the only income we have is from my dad’s job. School expenses and food cost the most. We do not own a house yet because my parents are paying for our education and can not afford to get a house. My mother does not have a job because the town where we live is very small and the jobs available are already taken.

I am on 7th grade. I attend the Urbana Mixta School. My younger sister and brother also attend the same school. They are in 3rd and 2nd grade. In my spare time I love to read and write tales. I am very organized and like to do everything as neat as I can. The class I like the most is computers. I love to play basketball. Also I like to teach and share with other children what I know. I admire the work that dentists do. I dream of going to college and become a bilingual secretary or computer engineer. I want to help my family when I grow up.


  • My update!

    [img]/images/user/544_13854347021144103353.jpg[/img] [img]/images/user/544_12103828353593189434.jpg[/img] Dear Godparents, Greetings! I hope that everything has been going well. I want to tell you all that on the 5th of December, I became a high school graduate of business with a specialty in Administrative Assistance. There was a beautiful ceremony where I received mentions of honor for excellent discipline and behavior, participation, and science and cultural activities. I am very grateful for you prayers and your economic support, already a fundamental base for having fulfilled yet another goal… I pushed myself a lot to get excellent results in college, as well as graduation satisfactorily. This year the college turned 56 after years of creating distance activities. I participated in the El Cocuy municipal theater show and played the part of an indigenous person. I will participate in the church, like a teacher for a Sunday school, from the 16th to the 24th where I will teach psa...
  • Update

    Warm greetings to you! May God be with you and bless you abundantly. It is for me a pleasure to be able to write to you once again. I do remember you daily, however, through my prayers. My parents and brothers send you hugs. We are deeply thankful for the generosity you have in your hearts to help children like myself to fulfill our dreams. God bless you. I hope the beginning of the year has brought happiness to you in your country. I wish for you abundant peace, love and health. I celebrated my 15th birthday last year. My parents organized a nice birthday party for me. I danced and shared my happiness with friends and family. I am in 10th grade this year and at my school I must decide which subjects I would like to focus on which is a little complicated but I keep moving ahead. I still would like to learn languages, however! I have had a lot of homework but I keep myself very active and have lots of dreams… Thank you for expressing love to my family and to me through your support. ...
  • Letter from Laura

    Dear sponsors: My family and I send you a special greeting and a hug. I want to share with you that I did very well at school this year. I go to the gym every other day; I am a member of the school’s band; I will turn 15 years old and will graduate from middle school this year. I also want to tell you that I have enjoyed good health. I like English very much, I like to go out with friends and have a beautiful family. I hope this year that is about to end was a year to fulfill goals. I also hope you are enjoying good health. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May the New Year bring blessings to you! I invite you to come to visit Colombia, especially my town El Cocuy which attracts tourism at the national level because of its snowcapped mountain. You are always in my prayers. With appreciation, Laura Vanessa Translated by Stella Lizarazo / Emmaus Road Foundation
  • Letter and Grades!

    Givology Group Please receive a cordial greeting; from me and my family I want to tell you that school is going very well, that I very much like to skate, and that I love languages. I want to thank you all very much for your financial contributions, which have already helped me a lot with some financial necessities. I have always dreamed of one day meeting you in person and that you could one day get to know my gorgeous town, El Cocuy, and that you could meet my family. A thousand thanks to each one of you. I would love to continue to receive your letters. A hug Laura Vanessa
  • Message and Grades from Laura Vanessa!

    Translated letter from Laura: Appreciated Givology Group. May all-poweful God fill you with many blessings. Receive from me hugs and abundant thanks for your generous help in this new year, 2011. I started ninth grade. I feel very excited and happy about high school because I’m beginning to feel the achievement of my studies in basic education. This year I’m celebrating, if God wants it, my grade. I’m continuing with my project in English at school. I take two extra hours at the end of the day with my English teacher. It’s really very cool! I continue to have many changes in my life. It’s true that being an adolescent brings you many new things, but anyways I continue to be very consistent in my studies and judicious with all my responsibilities. I would love to communicate with you guys. You are present in my heart every day. I ask God to bring you peace, tranquility, and blessings. Success in all your projects! I thank you a lot. Thank you for being a part of my life! And for help...