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Lovetee is a 12 year old girl who started the first grade this year. Lovetee lives with her parents, Margaret and Victor, in West Point in Monrovia, Liberia. Victor charges phones and Margaret sells bananas for income. Lovetee has a sister, but she lives with her great-grandmother because they family cannot afford to have her in the home as well.

Lovetee's parents said while they don’t have the money to send Lovetee to school, they will provide her with the emotional support she needs for her education. Lovetee has a huge smile and is extremely friendly. She is also a hard worker and has worked in the market selling bananas and oranges though working the market is hard. She says she has been robbed and lost money which is upsetting to her and her family.

Lovetee told More than Me that every year she struggled when she saw other children go to school while she had to stay home to sell. She gave a huge smile when asked about starting school, but still was shy to express her happiness. Lovetee does not know what her favorite subject will be, but she is excited to learn more about social studies. Lovetee loves to dance and dreams of becoming a nurse.


  • Update from Lovetee

    Photos from Lovetee's every day life Lovetee sells bananas. Smile! First day!


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