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4 Common Responsive Design Patterns

There are a number of different web design patterns available for designers to pick from today. But with all of the different choices, it can often be overwhelming to select just one. [url=]Web design Auckland[/url] has narrowed down a list of the most common responsive design patterns worth considering for your next web design project.
In the Wild
The first popular responsive web design pattern is known as In the Wild. This design pattern is used in multiple industries, including being used by companies like Andersson-Wise, Palantir, and Splendid to name a few. There are a number of reasons why companies turn to this web design for their website pattern of choice. It is ideal for creating a design that needs to display large photographs, along with two side boxes to complement the photograph so it remains the focal point. The layout also goes from three columns, to two columns, and then finally to a single column. The text of the layout is very clean, making it easy for the user to read, while giving the overall website a very sophisticated appeal. The columns also make it easy for website design Auckland to focus on specifics, like goods or services.
Gallery Design
The Gallery Design is one of the oldest and most popular design layouts for a reason. The design pattern, when done correctly, is usually kept very simple. It has thumbnails distributed evenly over a solid colored background in columns. As the amount of information changes that needs displayed, the number of lines or columns can then be changed accordingly. Because it is one of the easiest designs to implement and one of the easiest for users to navigate, it still remains very popular. However, if looking for a newer design pattern, below are some twists on this design layout worth considering as well.
Fetured Items
When creating a web design, it is common to have a couple of specific feature items that the company wants to make the focus of their website. The Featured Items pattern is similar to a Gallery type of layout, but the thing that makes it different is it focuses only on a few key items instead of several items. Because this type of layout focuses on only three or four items, it makes the overall design less overwhelming for the user to navigate. When featured items are presented in this pattern, they are accompanied with some simple introductory information. The introductory information goes from the right side to flush on the left side under the graphic. Like the Gallery design layout, the design also goes to a two column format and then a single column. The result is an easy to navigate layout that has a clean updated appearance.
Feature Shuffle
A twist on the Featured Items layout mentioned above is the Feature Shuffle layout. This layout starts by presenting the featured items and some introductory text like in the previous layout; however, it then goes to a two staggered column layout, with the sections floating on each side of the page. When the design transitions to a single column portion, there are no graphics, making the primary focus of the web design Auckland the content of the text itself. However, like all things in the design world, there is plenty of room for changes and additional twists to this pattern or the other design patterns to meet your specific design needs.

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