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Cabbage Tree Premium Quality Audio Transcription Service

We are offering many services regarding to Transcription. We are providing Wav to text transcription, Mp3 to text transcription service but Cabbage Tree solutions is providing new and unique transcription service of [url=]Audio to Text transcription[/url]. Now, we will transcribe you any Audio format file to text or written form. We are offering this service with 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee to our respect customers.


You have any Audio format file like Mp3 file, Wav audio file or simple recorded file and want it to be transcribed into written form then you have only have to go Cabbage tree Audio Transcription Service and you only have to provide or upload your Audio format file. We have best Audio Voice detectors and Word Recognizers to change your voice in the form of words faultlessly. You must have to register to our site before uploading your file. Dont be worried about privacies, we have mostly clients belongs to UK and United States.

Necessities of this Service:

Do you want to get your Audio file transcribed? Then we dont require too much, we only need your audio file which you have downloaded or link if it is available on internet. We only need your audio file. After submitting, you have to wait for some time and we will provide you your highly generic work. You have no need to install any additional software or to provide any extra data or information. You will get your work done as you will provide us.

Is it expensive?

If you are thinking that we will charge many dollars for this Audio Transcription service then you are thinking wrong, we are offering this commendable service at very low cost. We are charging only 60 cents for 1 minute of transcription. We are providing this unique service in low cost that wouldnt be a burden on your budget. Along with this service, we also have verified and authentic payment methods. We also permit our customers to first check our results of content and then pay for it. With the help of verified payment sources, there is no any chance of online theft. So feel free to work with us.

If you have any query then feel free to contact us. Click [url=][/url] to contact with Customer support. We are here for your convenience.

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