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Things You Should Know About SMTPS

E-mails are something that are used by almost every single person who has an internet connection. In order to make sure that every email reaches the specific address, people had to come up with systems and protocols. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP is the internet standard which was developed for this purpose, it was introduced in 1982 and had its last update back in 2008. Electronic mail servers use SMTP for sending and receiving emails, but user-level client mail applications use SMTP only for sending messages.

[url=]SMTPS[/url] or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Secure is essentially a method for securing SMTP with transport layer security. No one wants their mails to go to another person or be read by a person to whom it was not sent. This is what SMTPS prevents, it provides authentication of the communication partners, as well as data integrity and confidentiality. SMTPS is not at a proprietary protocol, it is also not an extension of SMTP, it is simply a way to secure SMTP at the transport layer. The server speaks normal SMTP but the connection is secured by SSL or TLS.

These were a few things that you should know about [url=]SMTPS[/url], it is without any doubt a really great system which is able to secure every email that is sent or received. If it werent for SMTPS then no email would be secure and there would have been many problems for each and every person who is using email services. Email services are one of those services which are used by almost each and every person, having such a system that protects emails is really great advantage. SMTPS happens when a connection is established before any mail data has been exchanged, whether SSL or TLS is used is up to the peers.

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