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With no doubt that transcription started since 17th century, and lots of people have started transcribing since its origination. But the rise of transcription today has made transcription an essential thing for some businesses; especially those that produce lots of sound and audio files for your audience, or customers, or clients.

Are you aware that there are facts about transcription we dont know?

We speak on average rate of 150  170 words per minute; this means we produce more than 8000 words per hour.

The rate at which we speak is 4 times faster than we type and 7 times faster than we write.

It takes a professional transcriptionist a minute to type 80  100 words: statistics show that it will take 4  6 hours for the same transcriptionist to transcribe an hour video.

Statistics have it that a professional transcriptionist has 825 characters to transcribe in a minute.

You may be asking what a transcriptionist does exactly. The easy remains easy as it has always been. They [url=]transcribe video to text[/url], podcast to transcripts, and also [url=]transcribe audio to text[/url].

The benefits of transcription include:

Recordings or recorded discussions of a business can e published and distributed to interested parties.

Transcribed audio and video content can serve as a part of an SEO campaign to drive traffic to a businesss website and improve SERPS.

Transcribed film, video, and audio contents is more accessible and user-friendly to individuals with the inability to hear properly.

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