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Lund University PhD Candidate Inflicts Psychopathic Mind Against Mom, Friends and Colleagues

Psychopaths are known to Dr. Hyde and Jekyll kind of character where they are able to put on show two contrasting characters with the more sinister one being kept from the eye of close acquaintances. This is exactly what Marcella Carby-Samuels has done by putting up a very different and innocent character whilst being a major player in her inhumane treatment of her own mother. It is therefore not surprising to find out that people at the Lund University do not believe Marcella Carby-Samuels will even be capable of hurting a fly. What the entire Lund University community do not know is that this same innocent looking woman was able to enrol as a PhD student through the support of [url=]Dr. David Tenenbaum[/url] of Lund's Department of Geography who in reality happens to be her husband. Just by maintaining her maiden name, she was able to fully convince the University community that she has had no relationship with anyone who could compromise the integrity of her treatment relative to other graduate student on campus.
A clear insight into the personality of a psychopath as shown in [url=]CBC's Doc Zone on YouTube[/url] shows that such people tend to act as Puppet Masters having a group of people who are always willing to please them. Marcella has similarly surrounded herself with a group of people like her husband, father in-law and her own father and these people have been assisting her to realise her wicked and evil machinations.
Marcellas ability to gain admission into the Lund University to pursue her PhD in Human Ecology should have been seen as an act that deserves commendation but the mere fact that her husband, Dr. David Tenenbaum in the related Geography Department played an instrumental role leaves a lot of questions unanswered. A look at CBCs Doc Zone on YouTube portrays them to have a mind that lacks empathy but surprisingly preys on the sympathy of others in order to manipulate and carry out their hidden agendas. Marcella has used her psychopath mindset to craftily manipulate the entire Lund University community and people around in her apparent self-serving ego-driven for self-aggrandizment and power even to the extent of boasting about her actions.
Marcella has been able to deflect all questions about her mothers issue by portraying her own brother, Raymond Carby-Samuels as a "mentally deranged person" with an ulterior motive to "kidnap" their mother which is a furthermore shocking allegation because Raymond has enjoyed no criminal record in spirte of Marcella's efforts to engineer one for him though mischief and deceit. Psychopaths have always held that intrinsic notion that they are superior to any other living thing on the surface of the earth mainly due to the fact that they do not show the level of emotions that humans are supposed to have. These psychopaths view the idea of being emotional as a weak link in humans and their ability to show no such emotions gives them the edge over other humans. This can be clearly related to how Marcella Carby-Samuels has been able to show no empathy or emotion towards her own mother and as such gone ahead to unleash all kind of inhumane treatments on Dezrin. The end result is the rendering of this beautiful and once vibrant old woman unable to speak or walk.
According to Dr. Stephen Porters analogy on YouTube which happens to be one of the numerous insights given on the topic of psychopaths, Psychopaths do operate at the very basic physiological level and as such do not experience the kind of emotions that the rest of us do which makes our lives quite rich. Marcellas attitude to her own mothers plight shows a complete resemblance to Dr. Stephen Porters description of psychopaths. The ability to show empathy towards one another is a thing that makes humans stand out from wild animals but Marcellas inability to display such an emotion towards the woman who gave birth to her makes the conclusion that she is a psychopath very sane and correct. Psychopaths are also known to react very negatively to therapy and any other plan to help them and this can also be seen in Dr. Stephen Porters investigation of a criminal psychopath. Putting his findings alongside Marcellas behaviour makes it understandable that even with all her high educational achievements; she still cannot see what is wrong with her deeds against her own mother.

Sadly enough, psychopaths are everywhere and are ready to take whatever risks in order to achieve his or her selfish desires. Dr. Robert Hare who is also known as the Godfather of Psychopathy looks at the issue of psychopaths as being people whose minds know the right thing to do but somehow chose not to do it. It should therefore be seen that Marcella really knows the appropriate thing to do with regards to her mothers condition but she has chosen to shut all such human emotions off and subject Dezrin to the worst treatment that a daughter can unleash on her own mother. Studies conducted about psychopaths shows that the world has around 1% to 2% of its entire male adult population being psychopaths. What this means is that there can be around 600,000 psychopaths living in Canada alone and not all of them are convicted criminals. Their ability to put up completely contrasting behaviours makes it possible for them to live with us as our neighbours, partners, parents or children. It is therefore not surprising to find out that Marcella Carby-Samuels has been able to execute all her evil machinations against her own mom whilst acting in the capacity of a daughter and a PhD candidate. This is enough proof to the analogy that psychopaths are everywhere and until the world decides to take a firm action against them, they will continue to see themselves as the predators whilst we become their prey.
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