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Know your history before you venture on that holiday

The Serengeti migration safari camp will probably be one of the best holiday decisions you will make in your entire life. It is one of the most spectacular places you will ever step foot in. The joy about this place is that you will not have to worry about leaving any of your luxuries behind because you have all the high end facilities at your disposal.
From good toilets, big comfortable beds, posh dining and the rest, you can find it all under one tent (perhaps this may be your most luxurious camping trip). You even have the best [url=]luxury game lodges Serengeti[/url] has to offer.
The history of Serengeti The [url=]Serengeti migration safari camp[/url] was not always safari camps, they once used to be endless plains with umpteen animals roaming around, before poaching and the like started. Here are a few fun history facts:
[ol] [li]Serengeti comes from the word siringet that the Massai people used and it means the place where the land runs on forever.[/li] [li]Oscar Baumann from Austria was the first European explorer to visit the area in 1892.[/li] [li]Stewart Edward White was the first Briton to enter the area in 1913 and when he returned in the 1920s, him and his friends killed about 50 lions.[/li] [li]When the British colonized it all, they made a partial game reserve of it because of the poaching and such.[/li] [li]A movie and book named Serengeti Shall Not Die was made by Bernhard Grzimek and his son Michael which is considered one of the most astounding wildlife documentaries.[/li] [/ol] The brilliance of the Serengeti is incomparable. If for some reason though you feel like staying indoors one day of the trip or more, you can be sure that you wont get bored thanks to the luxury game lodges Serengeti has. Visit [url=][/url] to find more information for your next holiday!

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