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Top five destinations the Go Nile cruise will take you

Egypt is a land marked with landmarks and hallmarks  it is the land that every visitor must respect when it comes to the best tourist destinations in the world. The Go [url=]Nile cruise[/url] is a travel agency that has positioned itself as the kingpin of all tourist destinations in the upper Nile, allowing you a comfort ride and stay when visiting tens of tourist destinations in this part of the world. While every other landmark here is breathtaking, here are the top five destinations that are a must go when engaging this service.

Aswan high dam

This dam is just an engineering miracle in Egypt and the world as well. Bui8lt during the 1960s, the dam came with whooping economic and geographical changes  increasing arable land by more than thirty percent, tripling the numbers of visitors coming to Egypt and at the same time altering the micro-climate in the surrounding areas, the dam supplies electricity and irrigation water that forms the mainstay of Egypts economy, so why miss such a chance to see this massive man-made water body? While atop this dam you can look at the consequential lake Nasser, still reserving its top spot as the worlds largest artificial lake  no wonder it comes top on our list!

Abu Simbel

Places of worship have continued to attract massive attention throughout the ages  but Egypts religious civilization is one of the most advanced in the world. The Abu Simbel temple is the largest open air structure, thought to have been used as a place of worship for over two thousand years. The Abu Simbel is the second most visited site in Egypt, so why miss a chance to see the places that define and shape the history of such a historical country?

Karnak temple

Next up on the map of best sites, places of worship to be specific, the Karnak temple  believed to be the heart and origin of Godliness and all that exists on the universe. Designated as the holy of holies, the Karnak temple is believed to be the place where Amun  the sole creator and ruler of the universe first came into existence before going ahead to create the universe and all that is in it. It is believed that Amun made this temple his abode, and all prayers and sacrifices were offered here  not forgetting the coronation of kings and all leaders that came to rule over Egypt in those ancient days.

The Nubian Museum

The Go [url=]Nile cruise[/url] takes you to one of the worlds most famous cultures  the Nubian culture. The Nubian Museum was created by the joint effort of the UNESCO along with the National Museum of Egyptian civilization with the aim of preserving the Nubian culture, which was under threat as a result of the construction of the Aswan high dam. It houses over three thousand original artifacts, a research and documentation area as well as a design that evokes the Nubian tradition.

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